Top Colorists’ Secrets On How To Get Gwen’s Shade

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We all know that Gwen likes to keep her hair formulas a secret (though she has spilled she treats her hair as much as Marilyn Monroe did!), but some top colorists’ have shared some secrets on how you can get close to Gwen’s shade.

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Behind The Chair — wen Stefani has arguably the most beautiful platinum blonde hue in Hollywood. Want to create a similar shade on your clients? Here, top colorists Kim Vo and Christel Lundqvist supply their own take on her color, sharing the formulas they would use to achieve her distinctive hue.

Part pin-up girl, part rock ‘n’ roll, this pop star’s cool hue lands her on the list of most-iconic blondes, right next to Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot. “Gwen is the definition of a classic, iconic blonde,” says celebrity colorist and salon owner Kim Vo. “She has rocked the platinum blonde for years, proving that once you find the perfect tone for your skin, stick with it!” Creative Color Director for HOB Salons and British Haircolorist of the Year Christel Lundqvist agrees. “Sporting a beautiful blonde effortlessly, Gwen works this color so well,” she declares. “She really epitomizes the sense that blondes have more fun!”

Christel’s recreation…
Natural Level: 6 light brown
Target Result: Milk white blonde
Formula A: Wella Blondor + 6%
Formula B: Wella 9/16 + 10/0 + 1.9%
Application: Apply Formula A to new growth and process to very pale yellow. Tone with Formula B to achieve the cleanest, whitest blonde result. This same mixture could be taken through to the mid-lengths and ends to neutralize unwanted warm tones and create an even, beautiful, all-over milk white blonde.

Kim’s version…
Natural Level: 7 dark blonde
Formula A: Clairol 7th Stage Cream Lightener + 40 volume developer + 5 packages of Sweet ’N Low
Formula B: L’Oréal Professionnel Richesse ¾ clear + ¼ PO1 + 10-volume
Application: Apply Formula A to regrowth in 1/8-inch sections. Saturate the hair thickly, use a feathering method and be sure to avoid overlapping the previously lightened hair. Process 30 minutes. Shampoo and rinse, then “flash seal” the root color with Formula B. Process for 10 minutes; rinse, shampoo and condition the hair.

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  1. Christel’s process is the one that I use on my hair, works wonders, except I do not tone because my roots turn white automatically, but thats because I have dirty blonde hair naturally. Anyone with a darker natural shade will have to tone.

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