Tony Reveals Band Might Bust Out "Deeper Album Tracks"; New Material On Gwen's iPod


Thanks so much to our good buddy Rosie for breaking down for us, apparently Tony revealed a little more in a recent interview with Baltimore radio station. Gwen is apparently really into The Killers right now (we are too!) and has new ND material on her iPod! Woo! We’re jealous!

He mentioned that along with the singles,there have been ”deeper album tracks” ”busting out” of their tour rehearsals that have been bringing back a flood of memories for them(don’t know if he was referring to End It On This, Happy Now and Different People that he had mentioned in another interview,or other ones.) He talked about he and Gwen ‘s relationship and how blessed he feels to have her in his life;he also talked about working with Pink,calling her a ”sweetheart” and how their paths had crossed several times in the past while they were both touring(he said that they had talked about working together while drunk at parties,lol,and that it finally happened). He also mentioned again how working with different artists the past few years has brought a ”freshness” to the band meetings,and that as soon as they started talking about touring again this summer,they turned from four adults into little kids. On a random note,he mentioned that his parents’ store Kanal’s Gifts and Fashion has been closed since 1985(I know a few people here were wondering about that),and that when ND first formed,they used the empty store as a rehearsal space. He also mentioned how that asteroid layout of his website is a homage to the days when he would beg the band for quarters to play in the arcade in Anaheim.

Gwen had mentioned in one of the other interviews that she likes The Killers,and in another one that her current ipod playlist is mixes of new ND material.

In the CT KC 101 interview,Adrian said his favorite ND memory(or at least one of them) was playing the Irvine shows-he said those crowds were the loudest ones he could remember.(On a personal note,he said his memory of Connecticut is playing in a tournament at Mohegan Sun four years ago and shooting a record score for the golf course there.)

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