Tom on DREAMCAR and No Doubt’s Future to ‘Billboard’

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In a great new interview with Billboard magazine, Tom and Davey discuss DREAMCAR and the romanticized theme of their debut album. The article features an in-depth interview with the two which gives fans a deep look into their early beginnings which had the band keeping their project under wraps since they didn’t know what would come out of it.

DREAMCAR recorded their debut album last summer and they don’t consider themselves to be a “supergroup”. Davey says, “I think our record sets us apart from other bands. I think we think of ourselves as a band we’re happy with that makes music that we enjoy. Hopefully people will enjoy it.” Davey also shares that DREAMCAR is vastly different from any of his previous projects since he’s been able to sing and write like he’s never been able to in the past. DREAMCAR never discussed which sound they were hoping to achieve but says that it’s somewhere in between AFI and No Doubt.

On the future of DREAMCAR, Tom says that he sees the band recording another album and touring into 2018. He also states that No Doubt will always be his “first priority in life” and says that if the opportunity arose, he thinks it’s possible to be in “two bands at once.”

When asked about what’s next for No Doubt, Tom reassured fans that the band is simply on hiatus and are taking time away to work on other projects. “I think people had a mistaken impression that No Doubt had broken up, and we never have.” He shares that they’ve always wanted to see Gwen happy and to work on things she loves and is passionate about, like The Voice. Gwen has shared her support of DREAMCAR on social media after the release of “Kill For Candy” and their debut album last week. See the full quote below courtesy of Billboard.

That brings me to my next question: what does the future of No Doubt look like?

Tom: We’re on a hiatus. We’re all really happy for Gwen [Stefani] — she’s doing what she loves right now, which is being on The Voice right now. She’s doing a great job. She put out a solo record and toured last year. DREAMCAR is really happening while she’s doing that stuff. I think people had a mistaken impression that No Doubt had broken up, and we never have. We’ve had so much success over the years, and it has afforded us the freedom to do our own things. No Doubt is like a family — it’s such a deep, deep friendship there. We’ve always wanted Gwen to be happy, so we wanted her to be able to do what she wanted to do away from the band. That doesn’t mean that No Doubt is over.

It’s comforting to hear how close the band has remained over the years and to see them continually supporting each other on their different ventures. We’re really excited to see the continued positive buzz and enthusiasm around DREAMCAR and we’re hoping for more new music sooner rather than later!

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