TMZ Reporting Gwen Signed On For Season 7 of The Voice (Updated)

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Both NBC and Gwen have confirmed that she will be joining for season 7 of The Voice which starts filming in June!


Usually we’re not too keen about posting rumors anymore, but gossip leaders TMZ are reporting that Gwen has been signed on as a celebrity judge for Season 7 of NBC’s singing competition show, The Voice!

NBC has yet to comment (or anybody from Gwen’s official camp for that matter) so nothing has been confirmed at this time. Though Gwen has said in the past that she wouldn’t be interested in being a judge/coach of any sort, but we could see her doing this sort of thing and it would be HUGE promotion for both her and No Doubt.

Typically TMZ is right on the money with these things so we’ll have to see! Gwen would be joining fellow collaborator Pharrell Williams on the judging panel this season, too.

According to Us Weekly (whom reached out to NBC earlier in the week), said that they hadn’t “made any decisions at this point” for Christina’s replacement for Season 7. So if it’s true, she must have just agreed in the last couple of days!

TMZ — Gwen Stefani’s gonna make good money off Christina Aguilera getting knocked up — TMZ has learned Gwen has signed on to be a judge on “The Voice.”

Multiple sources connected to the show tell us … No Doubt’s lead singer will be on Season 7 … which starts taping in June.

Producers started looking for new blood in February after Christina announced she was pregnant. Makes sense … she’d be 8 or 9 months along by the time Season 8’s battle rounds began.

We’re told NBC wanted Christina to stay during her pregnancy but she’s having a difficult time already and ultimately bowed out.

Gwen’s deal is for one season right now, and we’re told Christina has already signed on to rotate back into her spinning chair for Season 8.

NBC had no comment.


Sources are telling E! Online that a deal for Gwen is “close to being done” for The Voice. Neither NBC or Gwen has yet to confirm or deny. This story has pretty much taken over the internet!

25 Replies to “TMZ Reporting Gwen Signed On For Season 7 of The Voice (Updated)”

  1. I hope it’s just a silly rumour. Most of those celebs end up making a fool of themselves and getting heavily criticized by the public in general.
    BUT with Pharrell joining The Voice, Gwen might join too…? 😩

  2. Oh dear, I’m not sure about this… Did this ever help anybody? Christina Aguilera’s carreer didn’t get a boost from The Voice and the same can be said about Nicole Scherzinger on X-Factor and J.Lo on American Idol. It sure is good (and easy) money to ba made, but I don’t really think it’ll help her carreer and of course it won’t help ND at all.

  3. NOW we know what pharrell meant when he said she’s making her way back to the industry. I don’t see how anybody sees this as a bad move for her. I think its 100% fantastic. That a BIG TIME gig, they don’t just get anyone. I’d much rather see moves like this than any new music

  4. This is a big deal….. People don’t take a career dive due to being on these shows, they go up.. if they release songs whilst on the show they seem to be chart successes and even if it’s not to do with music, their profile is lifted up again as everyone watches these shows… like the general public might not of thought of Gwen in a while and then suddenly Gwen Stefani is judging on the show they watch every week etc. My opinion is based on the UK’s X Factor and the UK’s version of the voice, the celebrities on these had their profiles raised during their duration on the shows at least..

  5. Hey, she’s free to do whatever she wants. IMO I don’t think she needs this. But at least Pharrell will be there too. Probably it’ll be a better program just because of that? I hope so!

  6. Blake Sheldon and Adam Levine.

    I’d rather her be on The Voice than any of the other ones because at least she would perform often and maybe put out some collaborations with the other judges. It does give a small boast to their careers, but not as much as some think. It’s hit or miss.

  7. Personally, I think this would be awesome for Gwen. It would be another medium for her to try out, huge promotion and it would be great to see her on a regular basis. Most of the time, the judges on the show also perform themselves and I could see either herself (or crossing my fingers for ND!) to pull out something special. Lucky for all the CA fans that could consistently see her week after week! I hope it’s true!

    Nothing but greatness would come out of this for her, her projects and No Doubt.

  8. It did wonders for Adam Levine and Maroon 5. I guess it’s all in an effort to garner more interest for upcoming solo and no doubt projects. I doubt push and shove is their is their last album. Something is brewing on the horizon. Coachella and these voice rumors are not a coincidence but rather part of a well coordinated and thought out marketing plan.

  9. I absolutely loathe these shows, but I think it will be good exposure for her, especially if solo or ND work is going to happen this year. I really don’t think they have the momentum to have huge sales right now, especially after P&S flopped. She needs to get back into the public eye on a regular basis and I suppose this is one of the best ways to do it.

  10. As a fan, I want them to have all the success but could care about record sales. Their music has pretty much the soundtrack to my life lol. I appreciate push and shove for what it was. Just wished they released Undercover, Easy and One more summer as singles. I would loved to see the perform those songs live 😉 anyways, Gwen get that exposure. I better save up cuz I have a funny feeling u got a lot of lined up for us lol.

  11. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 🙁 is time for NO DOUBT, they have to make a great record again!!!!! and soon!!

  12. She is one hell of a business woman. I admire her so much. IF this is true – you know that she has put a ton of thought into the decision and I am sure the reasons for taking on the gig are very layered and strategic. Those lucky contestants…if they pay attention they will learn so much from her!

  13. I”m all for gwen doing stuff on tv, but I don’t really want to start watching this show. I”m over all these talent shows and such. But being a huge Gwen fan and No Doubt fan, I might watch.

  14. I didn’t think she was that good at this sort of thing when she did American idol. She even said it is hard for her to criticize people.

  15. Yea I have mixed feelings about this. It could really work out in her favor or it could squash her. Watching these judges criticize people on stage is just sadistic to me. So it’s hard for me to imaging Gwen in that position. As addictive and entertaining as these shows are everyone knows they are the antithesis of creativity. I won’t settle for “yay, I get to at least see Gwen on TV”. Wrong or right, I guess I have higher standards for her. I totally embraced the solo period but I guess I always secretly want her to be the more edgy, underground,kooky, less glam Gwen from the mid 90s.

  16. Also, maroon 5, Christina Aguilera, Nicole sherzinger, Demi Lovato, shakira and Blake Sheldon are all terrible and not respectable artists. So, it’s not like she’s in good company

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