TK20: Gwen’s Best ‘Tragic Kingdom’ Tour Hairstyle

For a fun poll in honor of TK20, we’re curious which of Gwen’s hair styles that she rocked over the era on-stage was your favorite. She incorporated her fun personality into everything and so many of of her memorable styles came out of the Tragic Kingdom tours from her pompadours to her funky mini knot buns. Let us know which one you think was the best!

We tried describing them the best we could so just follow the name and vote for the corresponding description below.

[table], ,
Pompadour pony (1995), Blunt bangs and streaks (1996), Short bob and bangs (1996) [/table]

[table], ,
Short and straight (1996), Side part and curls (1997), Bobby pin updo (1997)[/table]

[table], ,
Cropped and spiky (1997), Knot buns (1997), Half-up with bangs (1998) [/table]

4 Replies to “TK20: Gwen’s Best ‘Tragic Kingdom’ Tour Hairstyle”

  1. All of them 🙂 I think the messy ponytail with bangs was my favorite though. It was before she got so polished and designer friendly.

    I hope the guys won’t be left out…they have style too. Especially Adrian LOL

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