Timbaland Responds To False Shock Value 2 Reports

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Finally! Timbaland is now confirming that there is NO “MELTDOWN” being released, all lies! He is also being mum if she will even be on the album, so don’t believe what you read anymore! No Gwen/Timbaland collaboration as of yet, which he didn’t rule out though.

Also meaning there is no truth to the “Ice Queen” rumor as well.


In a curious turn of events, someone has been spreading false information about MTV and Timbaland.

Responding to multiple erroneous online reports about his forthcoming Shock Value 2 album — which claimed that Justin Timberlake, Gwen Stefani, Usher and others will appear on the album, and which were incorrectly attributed to MTV.com — Timbaland got on the phone with us to set the record straight on Tuesday afternoon (January 6).

“It’s funny,” Timbo said about the surprisingly detailed report, which claimed it was based on an advance preview of five tracks from the album. “I’m surprised people are watching me like that. I am recording the album, but I don’t know none of them joints, none of them songs. That’s just bogus.”

As for an official track listing, the production wizard was mum — and he didn’t confirm or deny whether any of the artists listed in the report will appear on the album. He did speak generally about the album’s direction, however.


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