Adam Levine on Gwen Joining The Voice: “Merely Speculative” (Updated)

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Both NBC and Gwen have confirmed that she will be joining for season 7 of The Voice which starts filming in June!

In his new interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Maroon 5 lead singer and The Voice judge Adam Levine still wasn’t able to confirm the news that Gwen has signed on for season 7 of NBC’s singing competition show. He shared that due to legal reasons he’s not able to say anything anyway if he knew but calls the rumor “merely speculative”. Gwen is said to be stepping in for Christina Aguilera as a judge for only one season according to several sources.

“So excited about that [new judges Pharrell Williams and possibly Gwen]. I’m such a big fan of both of them. Gwen Stefani is merely speculative. I don’t know if that’s actually happening. That’s what I’m supposed to say. You know like, but Pharrell I can talk about because he’s for sure but they are both incredible and it’s gonna be a blast,” Adam said.

Adam does however confirm that collaborator Pharell will be joining the judging panel and speaks both of him and Gwen saying “they are both incredible and it’s gonna be a blast.”

Neither NBC or Gwen have yet to comment on the rumor with season 7 scheduled to start filming in June.

13 Replies to “Adam Levine on Gwen Joining The Voice: “Merely Speculative” (Updated)”

    1. I was thinking about that this morning. What if shes… not doing it? Seriously, everybody and their moms are reporting this story. Kind of crazy. Since Pharrell has already announced his decision, I wonder if she is and when (if it’s true).

  1. At this point I’d be really disappointed, if she didn’t join The Voice. The buzz right now is amazing and it would be such a huge comeback for her. This is the biggest thing to happen to her in such a long time. She’s making headlines again.

    But it’s no surprise that Adam Levine can’t say anything. He hasn’t even signed his own contract for the next season and can’t be sure that he won’t be replaced last minute.

  2. Yeah it’s crazy how the media has been reporting this story even knowing it hasn’t been confirmed yet. But hey, where there’s smoke…

  3. I know it’s ‘merely speculative’ but him saying that’s what he’s supposed to say and then stating they’re both incredible and it’s going to be a blast does subtly imply it’s happening… We will all just have to see I guess but I so hope it’s true!!!!!!

  4. There must be SOME truth to these rumors otherwise she would have come out and squashed them already.
    Think about it. What is there to gain from all this if it were completely untrue?
    Doesn’t mean it’s gonna happen. I think they’re still negotiating and figuring it out.

  5. I remember when the first reports about Britney joining X-Factor and J.Lo joining American Idol (or was it the other way round?) started spreading, it took at least another full month until there was an “official” confirmation. As long as there isn’t any other name thrown in, we can probably be sure that it’s really happening.

    I agree with Jam that Adam and Carson are just saying what they are supposed to say at this point. They try to make it sound as if they didn’t know anything, but you can definitely read some things between the lines.

  6. My guess is that it’s close to being a done deal, but that they’re still working out a contract/legal terms blah blah blah, so they can’t confirm it until they know negotiations won’t fall through.

  7. I think it’s true and unless the deal falls through, I’m sure NBC will be announcing it soon. I’m just soooo glad it’s not American Idol or X Factor. At least I can stomach watching The Voice for one season.

  8. It seems like it’s pretty much confirm just waiting for the official announcement. The way he emphasized purely speculative seems more of a sarcastic remark like it’s an open secret lol

  9. I hope she is a judge and goes on the show and amazes everyone with No Doubt coming out to do “Spiderwebs” or JAG. Imagine Spiderwebs remixed with Pharrell?

  10. I started thinking that maybe this isnt really going to happy but now with all this hype, and all the media coverage, maybe she will? Gwen hasnt had this much media coverage since the release of “Settle Down”. Everything after pretty much went mute afterwards including her pregnancy, which I was shocked about. Even at work, people are saying “did you hear about Gwen” I havent heard Gwen’s name come out of their mouths in a long time. I hope she does it, and I hope she takes full advantage and release new material. Either with No Doubt or solo. The studios are just down the street from where she lives, it makes perfect sense!!!

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