‘The Voice’ Season 9 Finale Press Conference (Updated)

The Voice held a press conference with all of the coaches and host Carson Daly prior to tonight’s finale. During the event, the coaches answered questions about their artists and what made this season special. Blake pointed out how much he adores the other fellow coaches this season, including Gwen. He calls them a standout bunch and says that there is undeniable history and chemistry between himself, Adam, Pharrell and of course, Gwen.

When asked why Jeffery Austin should win The Voice, Gwen says that there are so many reasons why he should, and it would also make her a winner, too (and be the first female coach to do so!) She shares that he’s incredibly special since he was a one-chair turn and says it was “meant to be” for Jeffery to be on Gwen’s team, then jokingly shared that he had no choice in the end anyways. She also feels that he’s technically gifted and has a strong and unique voice that would distinguish him from other artists on the radio. “I think he has a really big shot!”

Blake teases Carson about having Gwen come back to the show and playfully invites her back for season 11.

7 Replies to “‘The Voice’ Season 9 Finale Press Conference (Updated)”

  1. Does Adam ever shut up? I mean, he’s funny at times, but he seems so obnoxious LOL

    Gwen still doesn’t seem very comfortable with this job even though she loves it. Adam and Blake are just so much more at ease which is probably why they win so much LOL Plus they are better at BS-ing LOL

    Why are they all acting like she’s never coming back? I assumed she would be back next fall? I wonder if Christina feels slighted when they rave about Gwen so much? LOL

  2. @amanda g, Adam is 1000000000%%%% DOUCHE!!! Lol

    And I agree Gwen never seems comfortable with it lol. And maybe she’s not coming back?

  3. He seems like that annoying younger brother who you love, but can’t be around all the time because he craves so much attention? LOL

    I assumed she will be back since she’s well-liked and loves the job so much? I guess I would dread being around Christina too if I were them LOL

  4. Gwen,
    Might come back for future season’s but next season NO. EVERYONE on The Voice set is very upset about this. As everyone in the industry really dosen’t care for Christina. Being in the Biz is like being in HS very bizarre. Gwen, Has one of the best reputations in the entertainment industry. Everyone loves her.

  5. I’m actually a big fan of Christina’s music, but I don’t think her personality is very likable. She tries too hard to be outspoken, brash and sexy and it just doesn’t work out well for her. Shut up and sing! 😉

  6. When I went to one of the tapings, Adam was being super obnoxious. It lasted for hours and I was right next to him. When it’s all edited and shown on TV it comes off as humorous but in person for some reason it’s highly annoying. I recall Gwen telling a contestant that same day that maroon 5 copies no doubt all the time but they never aired it lol

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