Updated: ‘The Voice’ Press Junket Interview Roundup

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A new batch of interviews are being published from the Voice coaches about the upcoming season from last month’s press event in Los Angeles.

Gwen spoke to Monsters and Critics and shared that she was hoping that The Voice would ask her to return to the show and said that it was nothing like she had expected. She admits she was very sad when season 7 wrapped and had got so much out of the experience. “Coming back has been great. It’s so different this time because I know everyone so well, I’m so comfortable and I know what I’m doing. Also, my team is just amazing. Emotionally, the different stories that they have and what I’m getting out of it, I’m learning that we have these parallel stories going on and it’s really cool. It’s just a really fun thing to do.”

Fellow coach Adam Levine told reporters that it would be “awesome” to see Gwen this season.

On being the only girl around this season again, Gwen says that she’s used to it and calls it “the story of her life”. “It’s just so weird because I was not a tomboy. I was totally into Barbies and I had my girlfriends, growing up. And then, all of a sudden, I was in a band with all guys and it just stayed like that. I got the Harajuku girls for five minutes, but I had to pay them. No. It’s really comfortable. They’re so funny. They all are such great characters. It’s been really fun. I don’t really think about it like I’m the only girl. It’s just normal. And I love being a girl on the show because I get to wear fun things and change it up. I just have to work a little harder than they do, to be honest. I’m always the first person here. I have to be here two hours before everybody else to make it happen.”

Gwen says that this season a lot of young girls tried out and ended up joining the men’s teams most likely due to her being a woman herself. “It was weird because I have not had that feeling in a long time, of not feeling like I had an equal playing field because of my gender.”


Billboard also spoke with The Voice crew during the press event and Gwen seemed eager to be back. She feels like she has more experience under her belt and is finding herself looking “for different things”.

Gwen shares that one contestant this season auditioned singing one of her songs and it made her cringe a little bit. “It’s weird. It’s flattering but it’s also hard. It’s really hard to see it from any other perspective other than your own.”

Parade also featured a new interview with Gwen on how she’s feeling more competitive this time around and what she looks for most in contestants.

Too Fab also spoke with Gwen about getting back to work in the studio and how she loved working with Voice key advisor Rihanna this season.

We’ll update this post as more quotes and features are published in anticipation of season 9.

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