The Voice Premiere: Ratings and Reviews

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The Voice - Season 7

The ratings and reviews are starting to pop up from last night’s season seven premiere of NBC’s The Voice. Though the ratings slightly dropped for the season’s start, critics and viewers are loving Gwen.

According to multiple sources, it seems that ratings for The Voice went down slightly down this season, taking in 12.7 million viewers and a 3.9 rating. Some are saying the 24% drop may be due to the decline in ratings across the board for singing competitions. Headline Planet says, “The Voice delivered a 3.9 adults 18-49 rating. Down from the 5.1 delivered for last fall’s season 5 premiere, the 3.9 is the series’ lowest premiere number to date. The episode’s viewership average of 12.7 million was not, however, the lowest ever drawn by a Voice premiere.”

TV By The Numbers also stated that last night’s premiere jumped 18% higher than season six’s finale and 9% in total viewers.

As far as Gwen’s performance, she is pretty much loved by everyone and is getting rave reviews!

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Photo courtesy of NBC.

12 Replies to “The Voice Premiere: Ratings and Reviews”

    1. EW said that it’s typical for the ratings to go down for these singing competition shows, which I believe. I used to be HUGE into American Idol and never watch it anymore. The Voice is still the strongest one out there (which I never used to watch before either) so it doesn’t surprise me. Gwen seems to be having a great time and people seem to love her so it’s all good in my book.

  1. Gwen did awesome! She does have a few haters out there however who are calling her full of herself. Which I truly cannot believe considering how down to earth she is. I can’t help but stick up for Gwen!

  2. Gina, those people have no idea how down to earth Gwen is. I guess some people forget that the coaches are supposed to brag a little to get contestants in their team.

    I’m so happy to see Gwen in such a great position. The best part is that she’s getting inspired to record new music, which is what we all needed. I’m sure the next albums will sound effortless and full of energy.

  3. My ONLY issue with the show (minus the twit singing Hole to Gwen) are the tweets. Anything thats actually Gwen is signed Gx. So when the show tweets as her, its really obvious.

  4. You are right its not them who tweets it. But at least make it LOOK like it. esp when gwen is making an effort to have more of a presence on social media.

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