The Voice Team Praise and Welcome Gwen To The Team (Updated)

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Both NBC and Gwen have confirmed that she will be joining for season 7 of The Voice which starts filming in June!


Though the news of Gwen joining NBC’s The Voice as a coach this Fall has yet to be confirmed, TV Guide spoke with host and permanent faces on the singing competition show, Maroon 5’s Adam Levine and country mega star Blake Shelton has nothing but kind and encouraging words for her.

Host and friend of No Doubt, Carson Daly, calls Gwen “one of the greatest female artists of our generation” saying she would “be a great fit to our team”. Carson also said that she’s one of the “nicest people in the business” and “she’s got a reputation for that”. Gwen has commented in the past that she couldn’t’ see herself on a competition show like American Idol or the X Factor, but we could possibly seeing Gwen enjoying herself on The Voice, where she would be presented more as a coach and mentor to the contestants.

Maroon 5’s Adam Levine address the rumors by saying if there was any truth to them, he would be excited for her because he’s a “huge fan” saying he “loves her to pieces”.

Blake Shelton admits he’s never met Gwen, but would welcome her saying in jest that he looks “forward to beating anybody on the show” (in meaning how The Voice mentors are in competition with each other).

The rumors are still swirling around the internet of Gwen signing on for at least one season of The Voice, which starts filming in June and would air on television this Fall. Neither Gwen or NBC have yet to comment on the story but TMZ is claiming that the deal is done while other sources say it’s “close”.

We’ve also noticed that The Voice’s Wikipedia page already lists Gwen as a judge for 2014, Season 7.

TV Guide — There hasn’t been any hollaback from NBC about whether or not Gwen Stefani will sit in one of The Voice’s big red chairs next season, but the No Doubt lead singer and fashion icon was a hot topic on the red carpet Monday after Season 6’s first live show.

“She’s one of the great female artists of our generation,” host and executive producer Carson Daly told “She’s a mom, she’s a strong figure, she’s got a great individuality. I think she’d be a great fit to our team. She’s also one of the nicest people in the business. She’s got a great reputation for that and that goes a long way as well.”

Adam Levine was equally effusive about the possibility of Stefani signing on for Season 7. “If there’s any truth to the rumors, I’d just be really excited because I’m a huge fan. I think she’s a wonderful human being. I love her to pieces. She’s so talented.”

Although Blake Shelton said he’s never actually met her, he also extended open arms (kind of). “I look forward to beating anybody on the show,” he said with a laugh.

Daly said that Stefani will be well-prepared for that playful banter because of her many years working day in and day out with three men in No Doubt. “I know she can handle the men of The Voice,” he said.

Although neither Levine nor Shelton are confirmed for the fall, Stefani would be alongside at least one male: fellow new addition Pharrell Williams, who is in the midst of a banner year with memorable performance at the Oscars of his inescapable hit “Happy,” multiple Grammy wins, a book and that tearful appearance on Oprah’s Master Class.


E! Online also shared more from Carson, Adam and Blake addressing the rumors of Gwen joining The Voice for season 7.

Carson couldn’t confirm or not if the rumors were true, but said Gwen would be “great fit for this family.” He hopes the rumors are true however and says “we should be so lucky” to have her on the show.

E! Online — There’s no doubt about it…everyone at The Voice loves Gwen Stefani!

The No Doubt frontwoman and and mother of three is close to signing a deal to join the NBC reality hit’s seventh season as a coach, a source confirms to E! News. And while The Voice’s fan favorite coaches Adam Levine and Blake Shelton, who have sat in the spinning chairs all six seasons, were quick to gush about Stefani after Monday night’s show, they weren’t about to jinx anything by confirming that she will be replacing Christina Aguilera.

“If there is a person in this world named Gwen Stefani, I think she would probably be a great addition to this show,” Shelton carefully told E! News.

The Voice’s host Carson Daly also got in on Stefani gush-fest, saying, “I think she’d be a great fit for this family.”

However, like Shelton and Levine, Daly couldn’t confirm that Stefani would definitely be offering up advice to season seven’s hopefuls.

“I hope it’s true,” he said. “Nothing’s confirmed, but if that’s the case, should there be fire behind the smoke, we should be so lucky!”


People magazine shared another excerpt from an interview with host Carson Daly saying with Gwen that “these things are tough to work scheduling-wise”.

People — Host and producer Carson Daly also heaped praise on Stefani, but seemed to want to manage expectations about whether she’ll be the one to replace Christina Aguilera.

“She would be great,” Daly said. “These things are tough to work scheduling-wise. I don’t know where we’re at with it.”

Stefani, 44, welcomed her third son with husband Gavin Rossdale on Feb. 28, and Daly didn’t say whether mom duties might prevent Stefani from signing on.

“I hope it becomes confirmable, but I don’t know,” he said. “But she certainly fits that bill, that shortlist of what we have to be a good coach on the show, which is somebody who’s got some experience and who’s on top of their game.”

As he also points out, she’s got a personality that could benefit the contestants – and her potential fellow coaches.

“She’s just a great mother, she’s a great person,” he said. “She’s friends with the other coaches but has a strong opinion, which is also important. They can’t all just be too lovey out there. So I think she’d be a solid choice.”

15 Replies to “The Voice Team Praise and Welcome Gwen To The Team (Updated)”

  1. Two things 1) I love Adam Levine even more 2) Wikipedia is NOTORIOUS for spreading false information.

  2. Wow this must be the first time Gwen got so much attention since… well her huge success with Hollaback Girl, I guess. She’s everywhere again. This is such a huge thing.

  3. I LOVE her, but I don’t think she’s a really really good “Singer”… do you know what I mean?

  4. I never watched the show, but if she goes, I follow. I think some people might think Gwen is limited with her voice, but back in the TK days, she was a powerhouse! I heard after the TK tour, she had injured her voice and can’t belt like she once did, so she keeps it tame now. She has a really good ear though, and can maximize her range by over-the-top eccentricities and style.

  5. She’s no Whitney Houston, but when she sings the right songs she can sound awesome. I love her voice and I don’t think she ever fully tapped into its potential. Usher and Shakira aren’t phenomenal singers either, so I don’t think it really matters.

  6. Mariah, Celine or Xtna are known for having amazing voices, but you know what, I couldn’t care less about her songs. Gwen got charisma though. She’s not a diva singer, she can’t hit certain notes, but she still can sing beautifully and is pretty amazing in what she does. For some reason we love her!

  7. i dont see how anyone is not liking this! this is the biggest move she couldve possibly made, especially them still picking her after the flop of P&S. this is a BIG TIME gig. just like someone else commented saying, this is the most attention shes gotten since holla back girl! this is exactly what she needed to do to stay relevant in a way to reintroduce herself to america and a younger audience. because honestly, we know and love her but the younger generations arent familiar with her, and thats the truth, shes been out of the spotlight for a very very long time

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