The Voice Coaches Share Life Lessons with Parade Magazine (Updated)



The coaches are covering the physical edition of Parade magazine (found as a supplement in US newspapers) for December 14.


In a new feature with Parade, the four Voice coaches share what they’ve learned from this season and advice from their past experiences.

Gwen says after signing on for season seven, she felt immediately at home working alongside Pharrell Williams, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton, eventhough she had never met and/or worked with them on this type of level before. “Everyone’s here together and we’re all moving toward this whole journey.” Adam continued on by saying that they all have formed true friendships with each other (which truly shown through on the show!)

It was obvious that the coaches always used some sort of tactic to win over contestants during the auditions, and Gwen’s was trying to swoon those over with compliments on their style. “I think that’s a female perspective”, which was something new to the show.

When asked why The Voice hasn’t produced a smash-star like American Idol’s Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood, Gwen said that the competition isn’t about that. “The show is not about making it,” she says. “It is about this moment and learning.”

Parade also asked the coaches to give advice from their past experiences, and Gwen focused on dealing with rejection (which ultimately happened to the majority of the contestants, including Team Gwen).

“Rejection, a lot of times, is fuel to something better,” Stefani says. When her band, No Doubt, was recording its 1995 breakthrough album, “Tragic Kingdom,” its record label kept saying they weren’t strong enough. Stefani used the rejection by the label and her breakup with No Doubt bassist Tony Kanal as an opportunity. “That’s when I learned how to write songs,” she says. “No one taught me how to do it. It just came out of me. That was very empowering and it basically changed the rest of my life, because I found something that I was passionate about besides just being in love with a boy. It gave me so much power.”

Gwen has expressed on multiple occasions that she would love to return to The Voice for a future season (next season sees the return of Christina Aguilera) if she was ever asked. Blake Shelton has also pushed for Gwen to return saying he would like for her to come back, too.

Photo courtesy of Parade/NBC. Scan courtesy of lamb83.

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