‘The Voice’ Coaches Appearing on ‘The Tonight Show’ Oct. 26 (Updated)


Check out the very funny sketch featuring The Voice coaches where they play “Spin The Microphone” (a musical version of “spin the bottle”). Each coach was allowed to spin the microphone and if it landed on them, they are able to pick up a card with a song title on it. If they were chosen, they had to pick up a card with a song title on it, and either sing it themselves or pass it to someone else to perform.

On Gwen’s turn, she picked up the 70s classic from the Village People, “YMCA”, and passed it to Blake. When it’s Pharrell’s turn, he picks up Drake’s “Hotline Bling” and gives it to Gwen and Blake to duet on. It’s pretty funny to see Gwen own the rap song and hear Blake chime in with “bling” since he’s totally not familiar with the song. Gwen looked incredible and seemed to be having a blast with the boys!

The Voice coaches are scheduled to appear together tonight (Monday, October 26) on NBC’s The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Jimmy Tweeted out that the show is back tonight with “something fun” with the Voice coaches. Gwen appeared earlier this year on The Tonight Show for an interview and a performance medley so we’re looking forward to her return!

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon airs tonight on NBC at 11:35 ET/PT and they are known to share videos shortly after the show airs for everyone to check out.

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8 Replies to “‘The Voice’ Coaches Appearing on ‘The Tonight Show’ Oct. 26 (Updated)”

  1. Now that was fun! I’m not so sure about that outfit…It’s interesting. LOL Love her hair and makeup. I’m glad she didn’t have to do the lip sync battle again, that’s probably my least favorite Fallon skit.

    If she is having some uh…fun…with Blake, I can see why. He is a funny guy. And tall. And cute. 😉

    1. I’m not going to play into the rumors, but… I love Blake. One of the reasons I love these Voice eras cause we get to see Gwen in more playful ways and it’s so great to see her smile so much, especially around these boys. You can tell she genuinely loves being around them and it seems like such a healthy environment for Gwen. She seems so happy right now!

      1. He’s quite charming! Gwen has always been comfortable around men. It makes sense! I’m glad these guys make her laugh and smile…that in itself is great therapy!

  2. Not to play into the rumors….but, it looked like she fell into Blake a little bit after their performance when she gave him a hug. Glad to see Gwen appear so happy!

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