The Veronicas "Look Up To" Gwen Stefani


Aww, who doesn’t? Anyways, pop duo The Veronicas gave a recent interview with and mentioned Gwen a few times. They look up to her and eventually want thier careers modeled after her.

Origliasso acknowledges that a career in the pop music industry probably won’t be forever, and says the sisters hope to emulate the career moves of singer turned fashion designer Gwen Stefani.

“You don’t have to be top 10 for 20 years, you can go in and out and explore other things.

“[Stefani] hasn’t necessarily had to have a top 10 single in the countdowns around the world every week.

“I think as long as you’re focused and you’re passionate and you’re reinventing yourself and you’re not being boring then I think you can last as you want to.”

“The thing is we look up to, we love Gwen Stefani, she had a certain look.”

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