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On the catwalk, the stage and the screen, a new generation of style-setters is emerging and this is their year. Some are already very famous, some are still struggling for cult status but what unites these stars and wannabes is their undeniable talent for self-presentation. They’ve got the look. And we want it, now.

The biggest style story of 2008 is Gwen Stefani. After a decade dominating the pop charts with her former band, No Doubt, and then as a solo artist, she turned her hand to fashion in 2005 and met with immediate success. Stefani’s LAMB label (Love. Angel. Music. Baby.) has grown into a hugely popular clothing and accessories line, whose influence is seen not only in work of other fashion designers but out on the street – where it really counts. Stefani has the measure of the style zeitgeist and one way or another she’ll be dressing us all this year whether we realise it or not.

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