Target Mentions Harajuku Mini As Their Most Popular Project This Year

This is pretty exciting! Target Corp. released a statement from their recent Special Call presentation, the company spoke on how well they have done this year and revealed their plans for upcoming stores and lines hitting retailers. Gwen and Harajuku Mini was mentioned as being one of the biggest projects of the years, topping social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google search and Yahoo! trends… and it’s not even out yet. It’s crazy too cause we are not quite sure what to expect, but we do know that shoes will be included in the line! Harajuku Mini hits stores and on November 8. Of course we will update on everything we hear prior to the launch! Congrats again to Gwen and her team on another success, which we know it will be!

Seeking Alpha — Later this fall, we’ll roll out a new exclusive kids line, Harajuku Mini by singer and designer Gwen Stefani. Although it’s not in stores yet, this line is already being praised on social media sites. It’s been one of our most popular Facebook posts of the year and the #1 trending topic on sites like Yahoo! and Google.

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