Stylists on Working with Gwen: “She’s Kind of a Dream Client”

Photo courtesy of Danilo
Photo courtesy of Danilo

InStyle has shared a new interview and feature with Gwen’s stylists Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haenn which gives fans an insight to her flawless looks over this past season on The Voice and how much they adore working with Gwen.

Zangardi calls Gwen a “dream client” and says it’s incredible because she can “pull off anything.” “She has a strong personal style to begin with, which allows us to push the envelope.” Before season 9 kicked off this fall, the pair met with Gwen and “locked down about 20 looks” for her to wear throughout the season. While no one was anticipating such a dramatic shift in Gwen’s personal life, it led to many last-minute changes in the wardrobe department and inspired her to try something new.

“In the past, we’ve done avant-garde, tomboy-ish edgy looks, but this season, it was a nice surprise when she said, ‘I feel like I want to be more feminine.’ We were used to her loving blazers and drop-crotch pants, but then we had to readjust our way of thinking. We were looking at things that we would normally never look at. We wouldn’t be sure about something, but we’d pull it and she’d see it and love it,” says Haenn. Zangardi shared that they featured “more form-fitted dresses, sexier things she wouldn’t normally wear, more cleavage-baring pieces” this season which had fans and style bloggers paying attention.

While this season had Gwen ramping up her personal style, she always kept it “Gwen-y” (as stylist Zangardi says) by incorporating her love for prints, fishnets and red lips. Hanna shares that this season took on a ’60s vibe and they chose to stick with it over the weeks because “it was working” for Gwen.

Head on over to InStyle for more insider information on her week-to-week looks!

6 Replies to “Stylists on Working with Gwen: “She’s Kind of a Dream Client””

  1. That 60s vibe totally works for her!! LOVE! And her wanting to wear sexier pieces I’m sure was her feeling hot and freshly single, good for her! Hope Gavin was kicking himself

  2. It’s refreshing…. I was quite surprise with the amount of skin she is showing lately lol. I guess she is embracing more of her femininity this era.

  3. Yeah I said it before and I’ll say it again. These looks are the most ambitious we’ve seen her in at least a decade. I thought most of last year’s looks were great but this year she took it to a whole new level.

  4. I agree Lisa. U could tell they were more prepared this time around. I’m kinda disappointed she didn’t rock anything from LAMB or Vivienne Westwood this time around.

  5. It was definitely a great season of fashion from her. Lots of risks…some worked, and only a few didn’t. I hope she doesn’t get too much into the bodysuit trend though…the red outfit is beautiful, but looks it like lingerie. Beyonce, Miley, Gaga, etc have already beat that trend to death.

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