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Gwen’s good friend, designer and former stylist Andrea Lieberman spoke with Glamour and shared some of her happiest memories with Gwen over the years in honor of her being named their Style Icon of the Week. Andrea started working with Gwen back in 2001 when they teamed up for her collaboration with Eve for “Let Me Blow Ya Mind”. She says that Gwen won’t wear anything “purple” and says that over the years she’s become “increasingly more sophisticated” and always stays true to her “eclectic taste.”

For nearly two decades now, Gwen Stefani’s been rockin’ our world with her No Doubt frontwoman and solo musical talents—and her distinctively cool style. Along with running her own successful fashion line, L.A.M.B., Gwen has a lockdown on the designer avant garde on the red carpet and the effortlessly cool rock-star mom-chic in her downtime (she even make an umbrella seem like the most coveted fashion accessory). So it’s really about time we present Gwen Stefani with the Glamour Style Icon of the Week honor, but in a REALLY awesome way.

Designer and former celebrity stylist Andrea Lieberman was more than happy to share some of her happiest memories working with Gwen. And Andrea knows what she’s talking about—she’s styled some of the biggest A-listers in the biz, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz, and Kate Hudson. Now Andrea helms her own CFDA-celebrated fashion line, the Los Angeles-based ALC. The label is known for its understated, cool clothing for real women who work and play (and have a cerebral take on style).

Andrea started working with Gwen around 2002, when she collaborated with Eve on the insanely catchy and Grammy Award-winning hit “Let Me Blow Ya Mind.”

“Gwen has always had a fiercely individual style. It has early ska roots with a touch of reggae, but it is decidedly glamorous, harking back to the golden age of Hollywood but in a very modern way,” Andrea explained to us.

Although there is one thing Gwen won’t do or wear: “Anything purple.”

Since she worked with Gwen through some fashion milestones, Andrea has seen the singer and entrepreneur through a style evolution of sorts. “I think she has become increasingly more sophisticated,” Andrea explains. “But what is so special about her style is that even though it is somewhat pared-down now, she always remains very true to herself and her eclectic taste.”

Let’s get to it and have Andrea walk and talk us through the six favorite looks that she styled for the star:

The Grammy Awards in 2006: “Gwen was pregnant with Kingston at the time. It was such a special moment in her life, and we made her this dress. The fabric, which we created, was inspired by an embellished vintage piece I had, and we ombre dip-dyed it.”

Vanity Fair Oscar Party in 2005: Gwen rocked an ultra-glam Versace gown with a train and a futuristic braided updo. “It was such a different choice for her, but it was so perfect for her at that time.”

The Golden Globes in 2004: Gwen’s white Valentino dress was “Classic. Chic. Modern Hollywood glamour.” “The back detail on this dress was incredibly beautiful.”

“What Are You Waiting For” video in 2004: “This whole album was such a creative and collaborative journey for us, and this video really puts that on display. Its hard to narrow it down to one look, but this shot in particular is pretty magical.”

“Cool” video in 2004: “She’s wearing a black Prada turtleneck, Louboutins, and vintage shorts. I love that she is able to convey such beauty in something so simple.”

Met Ball in 2013: The style star shined in Maison Martin Margiela. “Gwen is punk. She is couture. She is stunning.”

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  1. What is it about purple? In my family on my mothers side, purple is considered “bad luck,” so I have a hard time with it too. It’s too bad because I love it…and where do you draw the line? Is fucsia okay?

  2. In Germany purple is a very unpopular colour for women to wear as it stands for “sexual frustration” 😉 We even have a saying in Germany that goes “Lila: Der letzte Versuch” meaning “purple: the last try”, which means that an old-ish woman wearing purple is desperate to finally find a man lol.

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