“Together” Stream Available on iTunes (Updated)

Update! “Together” is available domestically now!


With it’s release set for this Tuesday (November 4), fans are able to stream Scottish DJ and producer Calvin Harris’ new album Motion in full on iTunes which includes his new collaboration track with Gwen, “Together”. The track is third to last on the album and features smooth vocals from Gwen over a synthesized dance track. “Together” was written by fellow “Baby Don’t Lie” contributors Benny Blanco and Ryan Tedder alongside Gwen and Harris.

Click here to stream Motion on iTunes

Make sure to pick up the track this Tuesday on iTunes!

42 Replies to ““Together” Stream Available on iTunes (Updated)”

  1. Omg! I’m in class right now and can’t listen. I’m super excited, though I don’t know if I should wait for next week.

  2. Yuck. The only thing that saved this for me is the fact that it’s Gwen singing. This dude is responsible for a lot of the douchebagery that is pop music today. The worst thing about BDL is the lead synth and this song is that tacky synth galore.
    Maroon 5, BDL and now this.
    This is strike three for me. Oh Gwen, you’re bumming me out 🙁

  3. It sounds like a filler track to me. I can’t see this being a single, the other songs released from motion were much better.

  4. I don’t think Gwen and EDM are a match made in heaven, but I kinda liked the song and think it’s good that she’s trying out new genres and stepping outside her comfort zone (musically).

    1. Exactly. I wasn’t blown away but I’m not a big EDM fan anyway. It’s a fun track to have Gwen on though! Now what can we do to get Blake Shelton and Gwen working together? I love country, too. 😀

  5. Article from Billboard.
    Gwen Stefani Goes Full EDM on Calvin Harris’ ‘Together’

    Just 24 hours after his Big Sean collaboration “Open Wide” hit the Internet, another track from Calvin Harris’ upcoming Motion album is here. And it features the one, the only Gwen Stefani.
    While Harris met the Detroit rapper stylistically halfway for their track, Gwen goes full-on EDM for “Together,” lending her deep, nuanced vocals to a festival-ready banger.
    The warped drop on “Together” isn’t entirely unlike Cedric Gervais’ remix for Lana Del Rey’s “Summertime Sadness,” which isn’t a bad EDM look for Stefani — her voice has a similar effect of grounding an otherwise euphoric beat.

    Listen to “Together” below and see how it compares to her solo comeback single “Baby Don’t Lie.”

  6. I swear you people are so cynical this song is dope … I love that Gwen is experimenting with new sounds and musical genres. This song is perfect. In my opinion, MUCH better than BDL. I can see this being single and hopefully a video will follow. This song has been on repeat since I first heard it today. So catchy, So modern, perfect pairing for the song. Gwen’s voice sounds much better on “together” than BDL all you people that say you’re not fans of edm … broaden your musical taste …. pop rock and ska no doubt days are over lol welcome to the new century of music. Either you love it or hate it ….This type of music is here to stay. This will definitely be in clubs too… Easy to dance to! Gwen if you see this , welcome back queen! You’re killing it!!!

  7. I feel like most of you people on here hating …want Gwen to stay safe and not to branch out … that doesnt work in today’s music industry.if she doesn’t win over old fans she will most definitely gain ALOT of new ones with this music she’s putting out, either way she’s winning.

  8. Jesse, I’m actually a fan of electronic/alternative music. That’s the kind of music I listen to most. Don’t assume that every No Doubt fan only listens to Ska or Rock music. Seriously. Stop assuming. Not everyone is that dumb or sheeple.
    Calvin’s style is now more EDM but he still has some catchy tunes. I won’t deny that, even though I’ve always preferred his early material, back in 2007.
    My problem isn’t exactly about the lyrics or Gwen’s voice. ‘Together’ sounds just like another ‘I Will Never Let You Down’ by Rita Ora. It’s so predictable. Calvin Harris keeps repeating this formula over and over, especially after his successful single with Rihanna. The instrumental for ‘Together’ sounds like something he recovered from the recycle bin to say the least. It kind of sounds like a remix of a song to which we won’t ever find its original. :\ The whole thing is really disappointing. And yeah it’s my opinion.


    The song is not the best music style for Gwen but you gotta admit it would make a killer video!!!

  10. @jesse as NDLOVER said I don’t think Gwen fans want her to do ska or rock.
    Im all about her branching out. But opposed to what you said she IS playing it safe. I understand that this particular strand of pop music is popular nowadays but in terms of sounding fresh and current there is sooo much more interesting stuff happening in music now that she could have tapped into. I see she is going for safe and obvious but if your taking that route you have to be a cut above the rest. BDL and this, though different sounds for her, are pretty run of the mill. That is the general consensus from the general public. VERY lukewarm.

  11. Love the production on the verses, but wish he didn’t trance it up on the chorus. Can’t wait for the new No Doubt album.

  12. @NDLover ummm I wasn’t assuming anything … Most of the threads on here are people putting down Gwen and her new music and new style she’s experimenting with. I for one love this song, I love BDL as well … Although I feel if this was the first single for her it might have been wayyy more successful for her. Cuz I’m willing to bet this will be on her album as well. And if you’re so disappointed… don’t listen to it , don’t buy it… I love it though! And I’m only on here to show love to Gwen, I’m so glad she’s back solo… so glad BDL is a hit for her, she’s back on the charts…. it’s all just very exciting and this song with Calvin Harris is everything I wanted it to be.

  13. Jesse, I’m actually one of the fans on BSO who praise most of Gwen’s moves but this is a miss to me. Of course I’ll still show support for the song. It’s not that I hate the song but it’s nothing special.

  14. I actually love this. I think her voice sounds really good (and old school) on this and it’s fun hearing her on an edm track! He has to release this as a single! She has the biggest name on the album besides Ellie.

  15. Now that I had a good listen to it, I like it. It’s fun and pretty different to hear her on this type of track. The second verse is my favorite part of the song and her voice sounds really good.

  16. ^ That’s the bit I like most. The song is starting to grow on me but that drop is so kind of embarrassing to listen to lol Calvin’s formula is tired and overdone.

  17. This song will be successful if it is released as a single. The vocal arrangement is on point and it doesnt sound as repetitive (lyrically)

  18. I like the song, but I agree with NDlover, the song sounds like Calvin’s previous hits, like he is repeating the same formula as “I Need Your Love”, “Sweet Nothing” to name a few. I think it has potential to be a single, I can’t stop listening to it.

  19. Have you guys heard the song featuring Haim? It’s really nice. Clearly a better written song. Why the heck, did Gwen get last dibs!?? This infuriates me.

  20. I just hope the video makes the song a bigger hit once it’s released …IF it’s released as a single …. cuz calvin harris don’t collaboration with Sophie muller for videos thank God ! Lol

  21. I think this is really cool and when solo Gwen stuff is supposed to be basically pop anyway, why would it not be music in the genre of current pop trends? Whilst I do love this I’m worried it wont be a single.. this has caused some good hype about Gwen being on Calvin’s album anyway… I wish they would produce a really good video for this and it ended up being a big hit, we will just see though…

  22. Don’t like any of her solo stuff lately, totally not Gwen. It is so evident she is not being true to herself. Why not come up with great music with NoDoubt create new sounds you’ve never done before? Gwen’s making really bad music decisions lately, what’s going on Gwen???? You can tell whatever she has come up with lately is just thrown together over night,or handed over to her, no effort made.

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