Storyboard Panel and Screen Captures for “Spark The Fire” Music Video

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Check out an amazing storyboard panel from Gwen’s new music video for “Spark The Fire”, courtesy of artist Roger Quilatan. He shared that he created the :25 opening animated storyboard for the clip and says “the overall look/graphic and animation is so cool to see and yet this is just merely the tip of the iceberg.”

We also wanted to mention that over 190+ high quality screen captures were added from “Spark The Fire” which you can check out in the gallery here!

4 Replies to “Storyboard Panel and Screen Captures for “Spark The Fire” Music Video”

  1. Hey jenny I actually have the orig sketches similar to this that Eric stefani did for tragic kingdom, (they used not only for the album but for live in the tragic kingdom, and the orange crate box set— some have listed songs I’ve never heard of, the sketches for Tk only has maybe a handful of songs that made the album. Maybe I should share it for the anniversary of Tk

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