“Spark The Fire” Video Promo (Updated)


Click here for another sneak peek at the video which Gwen and Pharrell present together on Ellen this afternoon.





Billboard revealed a quick promo clip of Gwen’s new video for “Spark The Fire” (alongside Fergie and Phillip Phillips) and it looks fierce. The :60 second promotional spot will air tonight during the American Music Awards telecast presented by Chrysler Group LLC.

According to Interscope A&M vice chairman Steve Berman, Billboard shared (in an article that has since been removed) that “the full videos, meanwhile, will be rolling out around the AMAs”. We could also see the song hitting iTunes at any time with the video debuting shortly after or around the same time. It looks incredible and we can’t wait to see the whole thing!

Gwen revealed the official single artwork on her website this afternoon.

13 Replies to ““Spark The Fire” Video Promo (Updated)”

  1. Can’t wait to download it (legally). I can’t be bothered in looking for a link. I’m so happy with the artwork. Such a beautiful cover. I’m so proud of Gwen for investing some time on it. It makes me believe now that STF may be the lead single.

  2. Oh God, that’s great, I think the song is gonna be on itunes at midnight (The song leaked so…), and a performance on Ellen tomorrow? and after that on The Voice?

    This is so excited

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