“Spark The Fire” Music Video Details

New details have been released for Gwen’s confirmed upcoming music video for “Spark The Fire” courtesy of VideoStatic.com. “Spark The Fire” was directed by longtime collaborator Sophie Muller (behind “Baby Don’t Lie) and she is once again teaming up with visual effects masters Flawless FX, who had worked on “Settle Down” with No Doubt. Gwen reportedly filmed the video for “Spark The Fire” on October 10 in Los Angeles.

Though there is no official release date or confirmation that “Spark The Fire” is the second single, it’s been pretty much assumed and is rumored to possibly be released as soon as next week. Both Gwen and Pharrell Williams (producer and co-writer for the song) have teased the track on-air and in concert that have hyped so many fans for the upcoming party-starting single.

For those that missed it, check out a low-quality full version of “Spark The Fire”.

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  1. That’s not true. P&S video was great.
    I agree that it’s not that exciting to.hear it’s Sophie again but she’s made plenty of good videos in the past.

  2. Looks like they had 2 options for her 1st single, BDL and STF. I think Interscope wanted BDL and what the label says, unfortunately an artist has to agree, and Gwen wanted STF. That would explain why she’s not promoting BDL that much and she and Pharrel are teasing the song so much, to put pressure on Interscope to release it as single. It would also explain why Sophie directed both videos. I think BDL is great, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t think it was Gwen’s choice, I mean the producers of the song were teasing the release online and tagging her, and she kinda ignored it.

    1. Could be true, but why doesn’t Gwen recognize BDL’s potential? Even if it wasn’t her prefered first single, she just has to see that it’s doing great on radio and that this song is just waiting to be promoted into a solid hit. If she really ignores BDL on purpose, she has officially lost touch with reality. This is her one shot at chart success. “Spark the fire” will please many fans, but I really don’t think it’ll be a hit single with the general public.

  3. YYY, I agree with you, the song is good and could be doing so so much better. I still feel like there’s creative disagreement with new Interscope head, in the past she had Jimmy and he loved her to death and would encourage her to do her thing. Don’t want to start a rumor or anything, but I have a feeling there’s more to it than we know (which is pretty much BAU for ND).

    1. Yeah all of this leaves a bitter taste. Too bad, everything started so promising. Sometimes I’m not sure if Gwen really knows what she wants. P&S was a commercial failure and obviously she wanted to regain her commercial success after that era… but now that she has a real chance to become commercially successful again, she seems hesitant and unmotivated. Let’s face it: She doesn’t have that many years (and chances) left until she will realize that her days in the spotlight are finally over. It’s hard to be a successful popstar at 40, but it’s impossible to be one at 50. It’s now or never.

  4. BDL is still doing very well in canada on itunes, it hasn’t left the top 40 since it was released and is currently sitting at #22. It would be a shame for gwen to throw away BDL so fast and move on with STF when BDL has serious potential to be a hit. She needs to act fast and promote it!

  5. I agree. There must have been an agreement (contract) with Benny Blanco to have the first single produced by him otherwise it could turn into a legal war. Britney Spears actually had a similar agreement for a song titled RADAR. The song was featured on her Blackout album and there was an agreement to release it as a single. Due to her mental state, the song was never released so the label included the song on the next album (Circus) and released it as a single.

  6. I think her age is already a factor – forget 50. No matter how amazing she looks – she’s still 45 with 3 kids and some people will write women off for just those reasons. Look how try-hard J.Lo is being and she can’t regain massive success either. It’s too bad the business is that way.

    BTW, I still haven’t heard BDL on the radio so I don’t know where it’s being played or how it can be deemed a success LOL I heard Settle Down several times.

  7. It kinda makes sense now. Gwen knows what she really wants! Can’t wait for STF. And I bet the video of STF would be much better than BDL.

  8. It makes total sense what you guys are saying. I found it odd a while ago when she was doing the radio interview with Carson daly and they wanted to introduce BDL and actually started the song up and Gwen talked OVER it and changed the subject to Start the Fire! she was all flustered and like “yeah I have this cool new song and it’s on my phone” and completely bypassed BDL.

    1. Yeah same, it’s making sence now to me too. I also thought it was interesting how she basically didn’t want to talk about BDL in the radio interviews.

      In one interview, where she was pressed into talking about BDL, she said something like “yeah he was pretty much in the drivers seat on this one” referring to Benny or Tedder. Did you guys notice that? And then like “i dont know what else to say! I guess when you talk about music you just want to listen to it right?” It kindof took me by surprise at the time b/c she clearly wasn’t into the song, opposite of STF.

      1. It also makes me curious what the story really was with the BDL performance on The Voice. Because it seems like it definitely was planned at one point? I’d love to know what went on with that. My guess would be that the label wanted her to do it, but gwen/management did not.

        Maybe it just got pushed, IDK, but seems odd.

        I’d also think the label would want the 2nd single to be released w/ the album announcement. But clearly Gwen wants it out now ha

  9. Personally I like BDL much better than STF. For some reason it just rubs me the wrong way. But I’m happy to hear that I seem to be the minority, so hopefully it will go on to be a hit. I just hope the video is a little better executed this time around.

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