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Gwen joined Pharrell live onstage for a surprise performance of her new single “Spark The Fire” last night in Los Angeles at KISS FM’s annual Jingle Ball. She sounded incredible and looked amazing in a sequined jumpsuit and new colorful hair extensions.

Click here to see more photos from the live performance.

Photos courtesy of Zimbio.

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  1. I’m so glad they didn’t do Hollaback Girl. Gwen looks like a rock star haha I can’t wait for videos of this!

  2. Gwens hair does look cool like that! Anyways STF fell out of the top 100 on itunes today. I am interested to see how the charli xcx songs sound…gwen has got to have at least one or two songs that are better than BDL and STF…I hope gwen is saving something for her third single when the album is coming out.

  3. Wow STF is out of the top 100? What a shame … and gwen’s hair is cool .. Danilo must have every shade of clip in extension known to man. Lol

  4. even tho the order of events and promo has been kinda all over the place, I must say Gwen has been looking incredibly happy and that makes me feel like she’s really enjoying what she’s doing right now

  5. Awww cute interview she’s adorable and sooo happy. I wouldn’t write off STF just yet, I think with more promo has a chance and I’m just happy to see Gwen enjoying this moment so much. Hope Pharrell is around her as much as possible.

  6. What he does for her at personal level is amazing, I just love seeing Gwen like this, its been a while and makes all chart and sales talk irrelevant as a fan I’m so happy for her, that said I think now she’s ready for hardcore promo.

  7. Let’s give all of this time to work. I can’t speak to chart standings but for radio air play…Yes, BDL has only now begun to slide. It peaked at no. 20 last week, and is now at no. 26. BDL was still played on CHR/Top40 2,637 times this week. Only down -1107 spins versus something like Tove Lo’s “Habits (Stay High)” down -1855 spins. BDL was not a “hit” like Habits was, but by no means a flop either. “Spark The Fire” is not even up for radio adds yet (Source: Everyone take a Xanex, and give this all some time to work.

  8. Man I wish Gwen had this Pharrel-chemistry with the guys of No Doubt! It just seems like writing songs these days comes so much easily to her with P than it does with the rest of the band – kinda disappointing when you’ve been an ND fan for almost 20 years. Not trying to be a hater – I love Gwen, I do but I miss the quirkiness of ND which is what made me love them… STF just doesn’t do it for me

  9. Hmm the song is out radio rotation already? It took Fergie a lot of work to get her song on the top 20. I still have hope, but needs more promo specially on radio and if there was a way for her to perform at christmas shows will be great but I don’t know how it can happen at this point.

  10. Yeah I guess many people who downloaded it illegally a week before the official release didn’t bother to buy it.

  11. Its a bad timing. No award shows. No snl. Pretty much the only places gwen can perform it are on talk shows. But that won’t be enough to boost it. I will be surprised if it even charts on the hot 100. Also is it even getting sent to radio? Doesn’t sound like it.

  12. At this point I’m not concerned about charts positions. I don’t think Gwen is tbh. Lol She’s just releasing music cause she can.

  13. Remember when she said that she can record a song today and release the next day if she wants, so I think she’s taking advantage of that and being experimental. I think we should start ignoring these kids who call anything a flop these days. It’s all about music. And I’m happy Gwen is sharing it.

  14. I think some people secretly enjoy she’s not doing well on charts. Whatever we are not her manager, and have no idea what she wants out of this album. The only thing I’m sure is that she loves being around Pharrell and enjoy recording music again oh and he does wonders for her self-esteem. She’s so happy and laid back lately, after a rough few years as a fan I’m really happy for her, I just love to see her have fun again.

  15. ^ I agree! By the looks of it Gwen has been through a hard time and Pharrell helped her out. So STF can flop big time for all I care. I’m happy she’s enjoying herself and having a ball.

  16. i like very much “Spark the fire “.

    IMO, with a good promo, maybe the song will be a famous song in night club !

  17. Yup I agree with you guys. She always did music for passion not for fame or chart position. Some people will appreciate it, some will not. It is what it is. And I have all the respect for her 🙂

  18. About fame, a French journalist “thierry ardisson” asked her the 13 th november 2004 what the celebrity brings her ?

    and Gwen had responded to travel and meet lots of “Different People”.LOL

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