Sources Reporting Gwen Possibly Collaborating with /rif


According to a new article from MTV Indonesia, Gwen is set to possibly collaborate with the popular Indonesian pop-rock band /rif. The group is said to be traveling to Los Angeles to record with her soon for their new album.

Other sources including TraxMagz and Wowkeren are also reporting the news. After being translated, the latter article mentions, “We’ve got one song, hopefully [she’s] interested,” drummer Maggie said.

Photo courtesy of Getty and article submitted by @DearNoDoubt. If anyone could help us translate the article better, let us know!

23 Replies to “Sources Reporting Gwen Possibly Collaborating with /rif”

  1. How do u know what the article says lol I tried reading it and only made out gwen stefani and no doubt and tommy lee lol

    1. I used Google Translate on them and tried to put it together. They don’t mention anything else besides that /rif are traveling to Los Angeles to record with her.

  2. Yeah I also used google translate. Never heard of that group before. Maybe they’re good enough, especially if they caught interscope/Gwen’s attention.

  3. Just listened to cynthias link. First, that music video is kinda creepy! And secondly it seems like they have a rock sound which is interesting considering gwens solo stuff has always been pop oriented. But who knows maybe they will come up with something totally different for her.

  4. Maybe this band is tying to crack the US market now and that’s why they team up with big names? Well… as big as it gets with Tommy Lee and Gwen lol.

  5. Poor quality rock I might add. Well, that makes her statement, of working with everybody that wanted to work with her, true. I wish she didn’t collaborate with them since it won’t do her any good.

    1. poor quality rock ??????!!!!! i think /rif has a good quality sense in music , especially alternative rock. fyi, /rif is the band who ever fill in spiderman’s soundtrack…. and i think the band has a good vocalist ..

  6. I personally don’t believe a word of this. she’s going to learn another language to be on some no name bands song?

  7. Yikes. I thought it couldn’t get worse after maroon 5. This seems so strange.
    The major lazor song gives me hope that she hasn’t completely lost her wits.

  8. I hope they’re just writing for her. I also can’t see what she could bring to this kind of band that nobody knows outside of their country. Dunno what to think.

  9. I’m not buying this at all. Seems like one of those weird rumours that just gets copied from all those “sources”. Maybe these /rif guys are trying to stage a comeback and fuel some rumours to raise interest? Maybe there is a mistake in the translation? Maybe they only say that they WISHED to work with Gwen and Tommy Lee?

  10. @bob trash it? And throw away all the songs she did? You are out of your mind. At least gwen is doing new music! Most of us are hoping all these new songs will see the light of day.

  11. It’s BS. It sounds like they WANT to work with her – not that she has agreed. Maybe they should try Rita Ora instead haha

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