Sources Claim Gwen Is Working With Rita Ora

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According to several UK sources, Gwen is planning on joining pop star Rita Ora in the studio next year for a collaboration. The articles elaborate more on her other partners, but only just mention Gwen’s name, and nothing more.

Though nothing has officially been announced, Rita has always wanted to work with Gwen and is a self-proclaimed ‘Gwenabee’ and a huge No Doubt fan. We think a collaboration would be a great move for Gwen in anticipation for a new release from No Doubt. Hopefully more comes out about the rumor soon!

MTV — Rita Ora has revealed that she has worked on material with pop legend Prince for her second album.

The 23-year-old British star also told The Sun that she has drafted in her hugely successful pop-dance music producer BF Calvin Harris to work on her new LP.

And she’s also got a collaboration with Gwen Stefani lined-up for the new year, the paper reports.

The Mirror — So the good news is that Rita Ora has almost finished working on her new album but the great news is that she’s been in the studio with Gwen Stefani and, er, Prince.


Contact Music also shared that Gwen is collaborating on at least one track and Rita says that her new album will be done and out soon.

Contact Music — If that wasn’t enough, Ora has also been teaming up with No Doubt’s leading lady Gwen Stefani for at least one track and has also recorded music with her current boyfriend Calvin Harris.

The singer went on to promise those still eagerly awaiting the follow-up to her 2012 debut, Ora, that her sophomore effort will be in stores soon, although she failed to give an exact date as to when we can expect to hear her still-untitled album. She said, “It’s so good, it’s literally done. I’ve got a few things I want to tweak and then I’m done.”

20 Replies to “Sources Claim Gwen Is Working With Rita Ora”

  1. Oh dear… I know it’d represent some visibility for Gwen, especially among the younger generation, and Rita is having some success, but personally I’m hate the idea. 🙁

  2. No no no, with Rita Ora??? seriously? I hope this is a joke. Personally I do not like Rita, she’s a really bad copy of Gwen and Rihanna…just look at everybody s comments, she’s a try hard. I think it would be great to see Gwen feat. with everyone else, but who really whorth it… I’m sorry but I dislike Rita

  3. Oh come on guys just chill. It’s not gonna happen. The Sun? Really? I know we’re all desperate for some music related news, but please let’s not jump on every stupid rumour…

  4. I guess the collaboration will be for real. If only Prince or Diplo were involved in the production of the song… I’d like to see Gwen collaborate with another artist while we’re waiting for the new No Doubt record, but I’m not going to lie, I don’t feel much sympathy for Rita Ora. Oh well, I’ll wait and judge for myself when it comes out.

  5. i dont like her, she lacks everything that Gwen has, and doesnt deserve to work with her, i am sure the single gonna be a failure-

  6. I dont get it… Lots of people saying she needs to do some collaborations, but complain at every name mencioned. Miley Cirus and Rita Ora are big right now, so its good exposure. Someone mentioned shes ruining ND. How exactly?

  7. Who are all of these people putting down Rita Ora? Are they all ‘older’ and of a different generation? The thing is, Rita Ora has probably pestered her team and like the ‘bosses’ to work with Gwen because to Rita, Gwen’s an icon and at the end of the day, why would Gwen not want to work with Rita, when Gwen knows Rita has had loads of chart success recently and they’ve met on X Factor and so on…

  8. I would’ve loved a collaboration with Miley. Rita is okay, but I don’t see how she could do anything to get Gwen/ND some more recognition again. Until now Rita hasn’t had one solid hit outside of the UK. Britney, Gaga and well, even Katy are sort of “icons” these days, so I’d prefer Gwen to be doing a song with one of them, if it has to be a female solo artist.

    But maybe we should just wait and see. Eve was pretty much a nobody too before LMBYM went huge.

  9. Also, ruin No Doubt how? No Doubt have had a very ‘poppy’ sound for quite a while now. So many ‘fans’ have complained about their latest album but what did they really expect, a Tragic Kingdom 2nd edition? I understand why that would be desirable as I’d love that but it isn’t even like the sound of their last couple of albums really..

  10. I gave it a 2nd chance and watched a couple of Rita Ora videos. What else can I say? My ears are bleeding. Sorry but Gwen is so much better than this.

  11. Yeah Akon was a really questionable choice, just like Bounty Killer and well, even Busy Signal. It’s kinda disturbing how some fans accept “criminals” as collaborators, but go crazy when it’s a young female popstar that honestly admires Gwen lol.

    I’m not a fan of Rita’s music, but she seems to be a nice girl and she’s given Gwen so much freaking credit for everything. I’m sure a collaboration would turn out really nice.

  12. Could be true? Wasn’t she seen once in the last month or two leaving a recording studio by herself? She doesn’t seem to be not working with this pregnancy – (the meeting in downtown la a couple weeks ago for a new project, the photoshoot with danilo last week, and the new harajuku lovers photoshoot with madeline).

  13. Gwen sure has a lot of stuff going on lately, so maybe there’s hope that all of this is actually somehow part of some kind of a plan. The rumours about producers working with her next year, rumoured collaboration, new secret projects, dinner with Tony and Spike Stent… Maybe she’s finally ready to get back in the game. I’m not sure what all of this could mean, though. Actually all of this seems to be saying “solo” rather than “ND”, which would be okay for me, but I’m sure many fans would be disappointed. It’s weird that Tom recently said ND are on a hiatus again, but still Gwen is super busy. Yep, I really think this means solo stuff.

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