Source Reporting That Gwen Worked with Calvin Harris (Updated)


Harris has confirmed that Gwen will be appearing on his upcoming new album, Motion.


A source is reporting on Twitter that singer-songwriter and producer Calvin Harris has recently finished up work on new songs, including one with Gwen.

Harris is behind mega-hits such as Rihanna’s “We Found Love” and Ne-Yo’s “Let’s Go”. He was also working with Rita Ora prior to their breakup rumored to be on new material possibly with Gwen, too.

Photo courtesy of Mark Weiss, 2007.

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    That’s great news! Calvin Harris can bring something amazing to Gwen. I wonder if that’s the song it was supposed to have Rita Ora with Gwen?? Rita said she had a song waiting for Gwen, months ago. But since Calvin blocked her from using that material, she had to start from scratch. Now he’s giving away Ora’s material to other artists. That’s the worst thing Calvin could do to Rita Ora, especially if it’s the song they were meant to be together. By the looks of it, she screwed up big time. Basically Harris would be her free pass to collaborate with Gwen.

  2. hahaha if that song was supposed to be a collab between Gwen and rita and now there’s no rita…it would be a punch in her face now that suddenly Calvin/Gwen have just finished a track…kind of a sweet revenge from Harris lol

  3. Margarita, of course he’s excited to be working with Gwen but I’m pretty sure he’s also doing this to rub it in her face, especially after what happened. He knows how much she wanted this. I wonder if the song will sound similar to Rita’s single “I Will Never Let You Down”, since (I’m sure) that’s the material he’s been giving to other artists, from those sessions.

  4. ok, i agree with you LAMB, IT’s the WORLD of collaboration.
    so i can dream, why not a collaboration with AVRIL LAVIGNE ? but now she lives in Paris.

  5. if Gwen did a song with Avril, that would be like Eminem doing a song with Vanilla Ice! lol! Gwen is too A-list & polished for that tacky khols girl lol! this calvin harris track is the right way to go, Gwen only does things to UP her status, i hope the Rita/Gwen song isnt true!! shed be doing charity work for Rita!

  6. Bob, did you forget that gwen’s begins were exactly like avril’s not polished clip.
    Why does not gwen make some new with old ?
    I don t guess that gwen takes herself seriously to the point to deny a duet with avril. Look, gwen works with rita who is a new star !

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