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Music publisher and familiar inside source Michael St. James Tweeted out that Gwen’s album is still a work-in-progress and fans could expect an update possibly mid-February. He continues by saying how Gwen is really hard at work rehearsing for her upcoming show in Los Angeles.

With rumors flying around that the album would be hitting shelves in the new few weeks (though Gwen has stated several times that she’s still writing at this time), sources are now reporting that the album should be released later this spring at the earliest.

A few notes about the upcoming album…

Songwriter and notable collaborator for Gwen’s new album Charli XCX mentions her in a new article about spoke about working together. “I did write some songs for her record. We weren’t actually in the studio together but she hit me up – she emailed me and she was very sweet and into the songs. I don’t know if they made the album, but that’s me as a ‘writer’. She’s cool, we’ve met and she’s so bad ass – a kick ass performer and artist.”

Rapper/producer Bobby Brackins also shared that he worked on Gwen’s upcoming album in a new interview with Noisey. He shared that himself, Diplo and Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz all were together making music for Gwen. “I went to work on Gwen Stefani’s album and Diplo and Pete Wentz were there. We were just all in this house producing records for her. Pete was singing his ass off, Diplo was playin beats. It’s fun to do stuff like that.”

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  1. I think all those collaborations were for the “original” album before BDL and STF bombed. I think they are dowplaying the new album which makes sense. I don’t know if this album will be released for real maybe Gwen’s confidence got hit hard after singles didn’t work and we know how insecure she is and now she doesn’t feel like finish the record.

    IF and that’s a big if she actually completes this new album will be out in the summer. I think the Mastercard deal and who knows others sponsors deals she has will be a dealbreaker for her to keep working and put out new material.

    I hope the Qatar show goes well I found this pic of the stage they are setting up
    After the death of the King of SA a lot of events got cancelled or postponed. There were rumors that the show was postponed just today (or yesterday) got confirmation is a go.

  2. I hope they just scrap STF and BDL tbh they are both very pale in comparison to gwens older stuff. Hopefully gwen can come up with something better and have the lead single out in the spring with the album out in summer or early fall.

    1. I agree, both songs shouldn’t appear on the album. They should just act like these two were only random buzz singles that were never to be taken seriously.

  3. I don’t think this album will see the light of day before late summer, if it ever gets released. Gwen/ND are always quick when it comes to change plans, so I really wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t come out. This MasterCard campaign will keep her busy for a while now and in May she will be playing festivals with ND. And of course she still has three kids and a husband, who will be on tour soon. I don’t see how she has time to completely rework everything.

    Also I am worried that IF this album ever gets released, it might be completely overcharged with random features and all those producers that in the end you will hardly recognize it as a Gwen album.

    I still have some hope that everything will be just fine, but I’m also afraid that 2015 will be another bummer year for fans.

  4. Spark The Fire should be on the album. Baby Don’t Lie would benefit if it had an extra verse with a guest singer, though. Otherwise I could live without it on the album, or just as bonus track.

  5. I think it’s best that she takes her time and gets it right. I hate the idea of other people writing most of her lyrics. I know she’s going easy route of having others write for her, but this album will ruin her solo reputation if it doesn’t have her inner voice in it.

    I think it will come out, but I’m not expecting anything until summer or later.

  6. i dont see why people are dissing baby dont lie it is a alright song while on the other hand spark the fire is horriable it is now a gwen song at all

  7. Len, it’s exactly the opposite. STF totally represents Gwen, while BDL is a generic song that could have been sung by Shakira or Rihanna.

  8. I doubt STF and BDL will be on the new album, also she was already “re-working it” before STF was out in the end I think we’ll get more of her writing, a lot of people are waiting for this album just not fans it won’t be as easy to back out as before. A lot of money has already been spent on making the album “twice”. Also I don’t think Mastercard is the only deal she has and there is no way the sponsors made contracts with her to only get her to promote their products with no new music from her. I’m not a lawyer but I can’t see telling them hey I lost my confidence I don’t want to finish this thing I’ll write you a check, here take your money back.

    Who knows how many new projects she has beside music she has we just find out about the lipstick line. If she really wants to re launch the Gwen Stefani brand as it seems she’s going to do there is no way she can pull it off with no new music. I expecting to see her everywhere this year I just wish includes new music from her.

  9. In all honesty, if STF and BDL were released by another artist, I wouldn’t have given them a second listen. But because it’s Gwen, I’ve tried really hard to give them a chance and support them. I just want her to take her time and find that inner songwriter that we love so much and give her album a personal touch. I don’t expect the album to be a hit, but if she can get one hit single off of it, then I think that will be a victory.

  10. Why’d she excluded STF from the album? It’s a song she’s passionate about and totally describes where’s at right now. Just because it was a commercial failure, it means shit. It’s still a great track and surely she wants it to be part of it.

  11. Amanda G, the same could be said about Holdback Girl and Wind It Up. If Shakira or Gaga had released those song you’d not listen to them at all too. (Unless you’re a Caca fan. lol)

  12. It’s not the same because I actually LIKED those songs. I’m not wild about BDL or STF and my point was that I’m only listening to them because it’s Gwen.

  13. I speak for myself but I’d be disappointed if she excluded STF. Only because she’d admit failure. She always said that she does songs for herself 1st. It’s a very selfish process. So she’s not here to please anyone. If she believes in that song and then why exclude it? Just because it was a flop? That’s stupid. My 2 cents.

  14. I don’t think Gwen would admit failure, if she excluded BDL and STF from the album. This happens all the time to many artists and most of the time it’s just a cause of the creative process. For example “Super Love” was released as “lead single” for Charli XCX’s album “Sucker”, but then she pushed the album back to spend more time on it and now “Sucker Love” isn’t on it. But Charli still performs (and obviously likes) that song. We don’t know what exactly Gwen is doing with this record currently, but maybe BDL and STF just won’t fit in anymore once she is done? Personally I think not many people (fans and general public) would really miss these two songs. I definitely wouldn’t especially since I already own both songs and want more new stuff 😉

  15. I don’t see the big deal if they are left off the album? It’s not like we don’t own them already. I think it would be best to put them on a deluxe version of the album and make room for other songs.

  16. ^ I can agree on that Amanda. But people wouldn’t buy a deluxe album with songs that are already released. They need something more appealing.

  17. Those songs are both obnoxiously bad!! And they made no impact at all for her comeback. They shouldn’t be included…she’s obviously capable of much much better

  18. And this is why i don’t think she should release anymore new music unless she figures out what she wants out of this album.

  19. NDLover the truth is that these two singles have been almost universally panned, both by fans and casual listeners.

    Please stop acting so defensive about every opinion on Gwen/ND that differs from yours. They’re far from being perfect artists.

  20. ^ I will defend the song cause I like it and I think it’s great. It’s not her best work but it’s definitely NOT trash.

  21. I agree that she should not include Spark the Fire and Baby Don’t Lie on the album, especially STF. That song is super annoying (sorry Gwen, but it’s the truth).
    ndlover, I think you are one of a very small amount of people who actually thinks that song is “great” LOL.

  22. I know you aren’t the only one. Like I said you are ONE of a “very small amount of people”.
    But anyway, I’m not saying this to be a b!tch, it’s just that the song overall simply did not connect to the majority of people, it’s all.

  23. Yeah and I couldn’t care less what people think. Cause at the end of the day it feels very fresh and it’s what you’d expect from Gwen unlike BDL. But hey…

  24. But is that point of Gwen’s solo record? She wants “guilty pleasure” kinda songs that people end up loving to hate. The main difference this time was with lamb she took her time and had a clear vision of the album it suppose to represent. With this new era she was pressured to release a new record bc she was on the voice. She kinda have some visuals but pretty much making it up as she goes and relyin so much on others for direction. Maybe it’s time for the solo record that represent who she is an artist

  25. I actually liked BDL. I wasn’t as keen on STF, but I could see that being a great club song with a good remix. I also think that BDL could’ve been released by any other artist, there was no Gwen signature sound on it, and STF was then a total opposite and had way too much Gwen in it. She really should find a great producer to capture her sound and make it current, and unfortunately I don’t think Pharrell is the right person for that job.

  26. I don’t see Gwen scrapping an entire album. There’s been so many megastar writers and producers and I don’t think they would just dump it all. . . At least, I pray they don’t! That would be my worst nightmare.

    I think releasing BDL and giving it no promo, while putting all the promo on StF and banking on Pharrell’s name was a big mistake. BDL is a grower and I think it could have been a hit with a real promotional push.

    I just want to hear this new album so badly.

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