Song Saturday: “South Side”


For this week’s edition of Song Saturday, we’re looking back at Gwen’s successful collaboration with Moby for “South Side” (“Southside”).

The song was written and produced by Moby and appears on his album Play which was released in 1999. The original album version of “South Side” does not feature Gwen due to technical problems during production. The take featured on the album sounds identical to the version released with Gwen’s vocals on it. The version with Gwen however was released as a CD single (with a shortened guitar solo) and is also found on his re-issue of Play, mostly due to the success of “South Side”.

“South Side” was released on November 7, 2000 and peaked at #3 on Billboard’s Modern Rock Tracks and #14 on the Hot 100 chart.

The music video for “South Side” was directed by Joseph Kahn and was a huge hit. The video took home the trophy for Best Male Video at the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards. Inspiration for the video was a parody take on hip hop and dance music videos including both Moby and Gwen decked out in over-the-top furs, elaborate sets, gold teeth, women and fancy cars. During the video, Moby and Gwen play off of each other in a notable scene with her licking his head. In a recent interview with Moby, he said that he felt “weird and guilty” about having Gwen lick him after the director suggested it called her a “good sport about everything”.

Click here to see more photos taken from the music video set.

Moby and Gwen performed the single a few times on television and even live in concert at KROQ’s annual Almost Acoustic Christmas in 2000. Moby still continues to perform the song alongside different female artists such as Nelly Furtado and Skyler Gray.


See myself in the pouring home
See the light come over now
I see myself in the pouring rain
I watch hope come over me

Here we are now, going to the east side
I pick up my friends and we start to ride
Ride all night, yeah, we ride all day
Some may come, love, and some may stay

Here we are in the pouring home
I watch the light man fall the comb
I watch a light move across the screen
I watch the light come over me

Here we are now going to the west side
Weapons in hand as we go for a ride
Some may come, love, and some may stay
Watching out for the sunny day where there’s

Love and darkness and my sidearm
Hey, elan, elan

Here we are now going to the north side
I look at my friends as they start to ride
Ride at night, yeah, we ride all day
Looking out for the sunny day

Here we are now going to the south side (the south side)
I pick up my friends and we hope we won’t die (hope we won’t die)
Ride at night, ride through heaven and hell (heaven and hell)
Come back, love, and feel so well (feel so well)

14 Replies to “Song Saturday: “South Side””

  1. Perfect! My all time favorite collaboration. All those new tracks she is in are so bad, compared to South Side.

  2. I’d like to purchase an official copy of this song on iTunes but it’s not available. Same for “Hateful”, the Clash cover.
    I should have bought the CDs back then.

  3. Haha…Hateful…yeah I have that CD. That’s back when we had to buy a whole album just for one song. I own a few albums that I only bought because of a Gwen collab or ND song LOL Anyway…South Side, good song. It still makes me shudder when she licks his head. Ew.

  4. God I was just thinking anyone else remember what this video was supposed to be about? Sad that Gwen’s become that…

  5. It did make me think of how Gwen started to change after this. It’s noticeable even from the Nov video to the Feb video. And then LMBYM happened and she was suddenly on a different playing field.

  6. I can’t say I wouldn’t do the same thing in that situation I’m an actor and it’s so so competitive you have to take what you can while you can…

  7. I hate to sound so biased being on an ND fan site but I have to say, the original version sounds literally the same minus Gwens vocals… I think its safe to say she truly was a HUGE part of this song being successful. Her star power alone. I remember buying mobys whole album and the single just for gwen,, as I think many of us did. (the rest of mobys album was fantastic anyways so it was a win-win)

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