Song Saturday: “Crash”


For this week’s edition of Song Saturday, we’re looking back at Gwen’s final single from her debut album, “Crash”.

As far as the story goes, Tony had been working on music beforehand on his own and invited Gwen over to his home studio to hear the track. Gwen was hesitant to work with Tony on her solo albums fearing that their ideas together wouldn’t fit into a “dance record”. After it came together, Gwen called “Crash” one of her favorite tracks from the album and are said to have modeled it after 90s hip-hop group Salt-N-Pepa. The song was recorded in Tony’s home studio, Kingsbury Studios, in Los Feliz.

Released in January 2006, Interscope never planned to release “Crash” as a single but it ended up being the album’s final one after news broke of Gwen’s pregnancy. It debuted on the Billboard charts the following month at #95 due to no proper promotion peaking at #49.

A music video was released for “Crash” featuring live footage from the Harajuku Lovers Live DVD, directed by Sophie Muller. CD singles were also released featuring the album version, instrumental and A Cappella.

Gwen performed the song on tour in 2005 on the Harajuku Lovers Live tour but axed the single from her Sweet Escape tour.

5 Replies to “Song Saturday: “Crash””

  1. I don’t see the Salt n Pepa connection, but it’s a fun song, although, one that I skip over a lot. I wonder what she would sound like performing this now?

  2. I agree amanda I would like to hear her sing this one too. Maybe she could do a shortened version for her next solo tour or have it as a medley.

  3. It’s this little stories behind her songs that fascinates me. I hope it’s like this with her new songs as well.

  4. salt-n-peppa?? never heard her say that. when she sites her references for the album, Debbie Deb, Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam—-this is the only song that even sounds like that underground ‘aqua-net, circus-disco, thump records’—all that stuff was big in CA and til this day you can buy mixtapes of it all at swap meets, all the stuff gwen references is on it, The Time etc etc

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