Song Saturday: “Ache”

For this week’s Song Saturday, we’re looking back at a fun and catchy old-school track about getting your wisdom teeth pulled, “Ache”.

Written by Eric Stefani, an early demo version of the song was recorded by himself and Gwen alongside a keyboard instrumental. The song was adapted and appears on No Doubt’s debut album as the third track. The band continued to perform the song up until May 1996 and often incorporated it with “A Little Something Refreshing”.

Gwen often referred back to “Ache” in interviews while promoting Tragic Kingdom saying she was focused on writing more mature lyrics that suited her better. Even though it may come across as corny to some today, “Ache” is such a fun track and really showcased the band’s originality and fun approach to their music at the time.


Woke up this morning and felt not too cool
‘Cause every time I tried to make my mouth move
The pain I’m having is so discomforting
Please make this suffering go away

I told my mom what I was feeling
And how long I’ve been dealing with it
Knew it was coming, but didn’t know how soon
She said I’ve reached another adolescent monsoon

Oooo, ahh, the pain is tremendous
Why can’t I take it like a man?
Oooo, ahh, the pain is horrendous
Why don’t you lend a helpin’ hand?

He was a well-educated man
Had his degree in medicine
I noticed his hairy hands
He was a very, very hairy man
He looked right down in
Shook his head, then said
“These teeth must be pulled right away”

Oooo, ahh, the pain is tremendous
Why can’t I take it like a man?
Oooo, ahh, the pain is horrendous
Why don’t you lend a helpin’ hand?

He turned around, rolled up his sleeve
I rolled my eyes, then suddenly
A horrible pain grew, the next thing that I knew
The doctor pulled my wisdom teeth…out!

Well along with my teeth, my money also left me
As he made out the bill, I was moaning
Oooo, ahh, the pain is tremendous
Where the hell is my prescription…of codine?

But when will I speak?
How long until my mouth feels natural?
How long will they bleed?
When will they heal?
Where’s a real meal?

How do you feel?
How do you feel?
How do you feel?
How do you feel?

I feel good
I feel great
There’s no pain
There’s no ache
Just let me recuperate

Because the codine has left me drowsy
Leave me be, just let me sleep

13 Replies to “Song Saturday: “Ache””

  1. Even though the lyrics are playful and most people dont see this as a serious song, this is one of my all time favorite ND songs! I love love love this song!!

  2. Honestly, this is probably my least favorite ND song. The lyrics are just so stupid. I love the music though.

  3. Yeah but it’s like Eric said, if she hadn’t perfomed those songs she wouldn’t be where she is today. Sometimes we need to go through certain things to reach others.

  4. They were young, maybe naive and having fun with their friends. It’s great to have so much early material available to us and to see their progress throughout the years.

  5. @amanda g, I agree I dont care for the words either but I love the way her voice sounds and of course the music

  6. The “he was a very, very hairy man” is the low point for me LOL But they were all so young and cute. Still, Ache is probably better than most of the garbage that’s on the Hot 100 now haha

  7. The only thing I know is that if I had the chance to go back and see one of those early gigs I’d do anything. I’m sure it was pure fun!

  8. I love ache, it’s awesome. Why should every song be so serious and mature? The instrumental part in the middle is identical in melody to You Are Unique, an early demo which is fun to sing along to!

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