Snoop Dogg’s “Run Away” Feat. Gwen Available Now


Rapper Snoop Dogg’s album Bush is out now and features his brand new and unexpected song with Gwen, “Run Away”. Pharrell Williams produced and co-wrote the funky laid back track alongside Brent Paschke. Gwen doesn’t have a standout part of her own on the track but it’s cool to hear her singing alongside Snoop. Make sure to pick up “Run Away” and let us know what you think of the song!

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23 Replies to “Snoop Dogg’s “Run Away” Feat. Gwen Available Now”

  1. It’s not really catchy. I’ve listened to it a few times and it never got me excited and never got stuck in my head.

  2. I think I still like Together better…and it looks like MHIO isn’t going to be a single, at least not yet anyway. Maroon 5 is reissuing their album with a new song to be released as a single next week.

  3. This song is x1000 times better than Together.

    About MHIO I think there’s still a chance of it becoming a single but maybe as a final release. Their album is doing incredibly well. “Sugar” is still a monster hit so I’m sure they will release more singles.

  4. Oh Gwen it is become so clear. Crystal. You are no longer in it for the music or creativity. It is about fame and fortune and keeping your “star power”. That seems to be the reason for the 3rd solo album after the last No Doubt album did not catch on. She was famous for being so talented at music and performing and now she is like Katy Perry only way way older! Sad days for this fan

  5. Lol Marco, I haven’t heard that rumor but there has been no confirmation. Taylor tweets out a person featured each day…hasn’t tweeted that gwen is going to be in the music video. That would be cool though.

  6. Jenny, you could do a poll asking fans which collaboration they liked most and would like to see it release as single.

  7. I’m still waiting for the Major Lazer collaboration, later this year. I hope it’s a killer track.

  8. Whilst I have liked these collaborations, it has annoyed me that Gwen has just seemed to be on the filler tracks of these albums? Why couldn’t Gwen of been on one of the hits from each of these albums? This would’ve been a string of big hits getting Gwen’s name back out there in time for the release of her own album but I actually kind of feel like these have been slightly pointless…. I still hear people saying Gwen Stefani hasn’t done anything for 10 years and I’m sat thinking well she’s on these albums which have been HUGE, it’s just that Gwen hasn’t been on any of the singles….

  9. It’s another a nice album track and that’s OK. Not every song needs to be a club-ready banger or single material to be considered a good song.

  10. I sort of agree with Jam. At least Together prominently featured Gwen. I like the beat of this song, but the theme and lyrics are nothing special. It’s just “okay.”

  11. The only thing that’s keeping me from fully appreciate Together is the instrumental. It’s really bad. Not only is a recycled sound he has done to exhaustion but it sounds lazy. It could have been a lot better. It’s a shame cause Gwen’s vocals are on point and the lyrics are nice. I really wish Gwen decides to perform a stripped down / acoustic version at some point. Or at least use some real instruments.

  12. I agree that all of Gwen’s new collaborations have been pretty much filler tracks so far. MHIO is cute, Togehter is ok and Run Away doesn’t hurt. But yeah she definitely didn’t get to be on the real good stuff of these albums.

  13. Oh man I couldn’t even listen to this thing all the way through. Sounds like a reject from the 80’s. I wish Gwen would involve herself more with real musicians like Mumford & Sons, Keane, Coldplay. I see a lot more potential there.

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