‘SNL’ Promos Featuring Gwen and Host Peter Dinklage

Yes! SNL has shared a new promo ahead of Gwen’s performance this Saturday alongside host and actor Peter Dinklage. Not only does she look phenomenal but extremely charming and funny in the promos joking around with the cast. Game of Thrones fans (like myself!) might get a kick out of Gwen poking fun at the controversy surrounding Jon Snow’s fate on the show like if he’s… single?!

SNL also shared an additional promo with Peter in which he points out that Gwen has been “fine since the ’90s”.

Make sure to tune in this Saturday, April 2, to see Gwen perform two songs on the late-night program starting at 11:30PM EST/PST on NBC.

9 Replies to “‘SNL’ Promos Featuring Gwen and Host Peter Dinklage”

  1. For Chrome users, add HOLA as an extension, it provides a proxy to US and other countries, that will enable you to view the content.

    1. That is my guess. I would love to see her perform the upcoming single she has planned (which I have a hunch is “Where Would I Be?”).

  2. Yeah I think “Where Would I Be?” is a better contender than “Asking 4 It” at this point. I’d probably release A4I as 4th single if WWIB does well.

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