Sneak Peek at Gwen’s Upcoming ‘Vogue Japan’ Photo Shoot

Photographer Maciej Kucia has shared a first look at Gwen’s upcoming photo shoot for Vogue Japan that she took part in with her back in March. She looks stunning and hopefully this means that the full feature will be released soon! This will be Gwen’s debut on the Japanese version of Vogue.

Gwen was styled by her glam squad including Mariel Haenn, Danilo and Gregory Arlt.

7 Replies to “Sneak Peek at Gwen’s Upcoming ‘Vogue Japan’ Photo Shoot”

  1. Has Gwen had any covers in the US during this era? Besides for tabloids I mean. It’s quite odd.

    1. I’m actually disappointed cause I expected her to be on the cover of i-D, Vanity Fair, Bazaar or V magazines… It seems that the fashion magazines aren’t interested that much, besides Cosmopolitan and Vogue. The Voice has been good for her for some things but for others I don’t know…

  2. She has never been on the cover of Vanity Fair or W. I thought for sure when she was going through her divorce is when VF would put her on the cover. But W I don’t understand at all.

    1. Gwen was on the cover of the November 2002 Vanity Fair music issue with Jennifer Lopez and Alicia Keys.

  3. I could be wrong, but I think Gwen isn’t “cool” enough anymore for those high profile fashion magazines. Vanity Fair, Bazaar and V usually have the hottest stars and current “it-girls” on their covers and I don’t think Gwen really falls into any of these caregories anymore these days. Being a reality TV star and dating a country singer probably doesn’t make her cool and edgy enough in the eyes of magazine editors.

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