Sneak Peek at Gwen’s Return to ‘Ellen’ (Updated)

Ellen has shared a sneak peek at Gwen’s upcoming appearance on her show airing tomorrow, Friday, November 20. She had appeared late last month to debut “Used To Love You” live and is returning for a new interview. Gwen and Ellen always seem to have a great time together so we’re looking forward to tomorrow!

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@GwenStefani. Tomorrow. Is here. On my show.

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22 Replies to “Sneak Peek at Gwen’s Return to ‘Ellen’ (Updated)”

  1. Meh! I wish she had talked more about the upcoming album. Nothing new. Awkward/lame situation with the kiss question.

  2. She looks great but yeah it’s the same stuff over and over. I really wanted her to announce the title of the album or release date.

  3. Gwen’s looking lovely, I love her friendship with Ellen,
    I get what you mean about it being just the same stuff over again..
    I definitely want more announcements very soon,
    I can’t wait!!!!

  4. I can’t even express how much I love this new look!!! I was hoping she’d do it again outside of the voice! I’m also hoping this is the direction of her new album/album artwork. Thank god no more dumb black tips!!

  5. ^ agreed she should stick with this hairstyle for this era. I think this is the most times I’ve seen her rock the nude lips since the “Wind it Up” promo days.

  6. She looks beautiful.

    Interviews do get repetitive, that’s what happens with promo.

    I don’t think her friend Ellen would bring up the Blake thing if it weren’t true. Just sayin’ 😉

          1. So you think Gwen is the type of person to fake a relationship for the media? I know she’s gone “Hollywood” in many ways, but she’s not that far gone IMO. She’s not a Kardashian.

            I remember when rumors of Gavin and Gwen dating began in 96 and she was so vague about it. Much later, she admitted that THEY didn’t even know what they were yet and that’s why she was so coy when talking about it. I think this is what is happening with Blake. They don’t know what they want to be and that might be why Gwen is so embarrassed to talk about it. She’s dating and having fun, I’m happy for her.

  7. Eww! I actually prefer the black tips than this washed out Beverly Hills housewife look à la Tori Spelling. It’s so bad. I hope she goes for something more like the UTLY cover.

  8. I don’t just mean her hair, but mostly the 60’s cat eye make up, and even the 60’s dresses. The whole look is so cool. Total 69s go-go dancer/twiggy

  9. Im happy to see Gwen happy and her style is off the charts! The eye make up, hair and non red lip colors! Shes blowing my mind! She seems different and I like it!!!!

  10. She seems so happy! I love it. You guys i got to hear about a minute of each song. This album is amazing! Its sounds like its ROS 2.0. DON’T ASK HOW. let’s just say I work in the entertainment industry.

    1. I don’t think what you’re saying is true because honestly “Used To Love You” doesn’t sound like anything from ROS…

  11. There’s always someone on here criticising Gwen’s hair… like fair enough you’re entitled to your opinion but why slate it all the time?? I think she’s looked great with all her hairstyles this year, personally.

    And if what Electronica says is true then YASSS!
    Also, Gwen and Ellen’s friendship is so cute.

  12. @electronica I got to hear 1min & 30seconds of each song and I think it sounds more like Beacon St meets the Sweet Escape meets Tragic Kingdom meets LAMB —-version 2016

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