Gwen Covering ‘S/’ Magazine for Summer 2016 (Updated)


Check out photos from the S/ magazine spread courtesy of our friend Bodhi. S/ features photos from shoots that have yet to be shared from Gwen’s album shoot with Jamie Nelson. To read the short article, click on the images below.

In the article, Gwen opens up a little more about the behind-the-scenes of the “Used To Love You” video shoot (which was never meant to be the official music video) saying that had just wrapped up a day of a live rehearsals in New York when “paperwork” came in (the writer eludes to the paperwork being related to her divorce). She performed what turned out to be her first single from This Is What the Truth Feels Like in New York back in October and called the performance “emotional.” “Even though it was a dark period, it was one of my favorite feelings.”

Besides that, there isn’t too much to the article which has Gwen discussing about being focused on writing, finding confidence in herself and taking a lot out of being on The Voice. Canadian fans, be on the look-out for S/ magazine on your newsstands now.


S/ magazine, a Toronto based publication for sophisticated women, is featuring Gwen on the cover of their upcoming summer 2016 issue and shared a sneak peek at the cover on their Instagram page. The issue features what looks like a brand new photo shoot with Gwen and we’re looking forward to seeing more and reading the new article that has her bearing “her heart and soul.” The quarterly magazine is said to hit newsstands soon and fans are also able to subscribe to the magazine to get their hands on it.

We’ll do our best to share more from the issue once it’s available and we’re not sure if fans in the US will be able to pick this magazine up from international magazine/book sellers.

We’re also crossing our fingers for Gwen’s anticipated Vogue Japan feature any day now, too.

This issue is bananas 🍌 B-A-N-A-N-A-S (and it's coming to a newsstand near you) #gwenstefani

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  1. She needs to do promo in the US. She’s relying to much on social media for promo. Time to bust out a cover in time for the summer tour.

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