Sneak Peek at “Baby Don’t Lie” Video

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Update! You can check out the full video here courtesy of Vevo.

Gwen has shared a sneak peek at her upcoming music video for “Baby Don’t Lie” premiering tomorrow! We’re seeing bright colors, prints, dancing and Gwen looks drop dead gorgeous! In one of the scenes, Gwen is wearing the same outfit pictured in the alternate single cover for “Baby Don’t Lie”. She also seems to be a new sponsor for Beats headphones!

A small clip was also shown during tonight’s Battle Rounds on The Voice, too.

E! Online has also shared a first :30 seconds of the video which you can check out on their site.

Here's a sneak peek behind the scenes of #BabyDontLie Premieres tomorrow! 👶🚫🙊🎶

A video posted by Gwen Stefani (@gwenstefani) on

13 Replies to “Sneak Peek at “Baby Don’t Lie” Video”

  1. thank god no goofy “hArIjUkU gUrLss”!! and shes not trying to compete with the mileys and katys of today, she’s very age appropriate and classy!! i love the visuals!!

  2. Is it bad of me to think since she’s having Sophie direct again …. I feel this video is safe … and almost like.something we’ve seen before from gwen? A whole lot of green screen effect is kinda bland in my opinion … Where’s the organic feel at? I just don’t know.if the visuals really match the song and the “tribal” vibes … just my opinion. Maybe once the full video premieres tomorrow I’ll have a different opinion.

  3. Yea I agree, kinda disappointed it’s a green screen video. I always thought it makes it look like they did the video cheap and quick. But who knows maybe I’ll like the full vid better.

    I thought it seemed like she did these videos really each in one day I think?
    I kinda hope the 2nd vid she filmed was for Calvin Harris or something and not spark the fire bc that song needs to get an amazing video

  4. She said in the Carson interview … she filmed the video for spark the fire … which she said was her next single …

  5. I just kinda feel she needs to branch away from Sophie muller … I mean I get it they are close friends and such but … Gwen needs amazing groundbreaking videos … and I swear it’s always the same with Sophie … glamorous looking gwen … glamour shots of her … and the same style, same hair, Gwen’s been saying she’s inspired …but where’s the inspiration? I mean I don’t think I’m gonna be a fan of the video … I mean the polka dot look l, yeah its cute … but haven’t we seen that Gwen 20 years ago …In the don’t speak video? She needs to really reinvent herself in my opinion …I love baby don’t lie …but I feel the video shouldn’t look like a fashion advertisement. It doesn’t fit the song. -_-

  6. So… she needs to stay way from Danilo too? I mean, she plays safe using him as a hair stylist (according to the comments on her choice of video director) and should change to please fans. OMG people! I bet that if Sophie was not a great choice, her new team would have suggested different names. And for the looks of if, Sophie will likely be the director of her next video. I thought it was a cute video, Gwen is not a sexy vixen, so her choice of hair/clothing and video suit her style perfectly. I don’t like her going solo, but I respect her for sticking to herself and not going the same direction of all other pop acts.

  7. I liked the graphics of the sneak peek tbh Looking forward to it.
    Some fans are saying it looks like it will be Wizard Of Oz-inspired? Yeah I think it was a good idea to not bring the Harajuku Girls again, or at least just have one or two of them with other dancers.

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