Small Mention Of Gwen In Classic Lou Dog Moment From OC Weekly

OC Weekly is still posting amazing tribute stories for the late Bradley Nowell from Sublime, whom was a great friend to the band for many years. This time they are featuring five classic Lou Dog stories (Bradley’s famous Dalmatian) and Gwen is mentioned (and her also famous red dress!) that Lou Dog bit her and took a chunk out of the dress. She then covered it up with a heart patch — such a cute story.

OC Weekly5. “I liked Lou Dog fine until it bit me.”
“Lou Dog loved Bradley, but man! Even Gwen got bit! She got bit wearing the Tragic Kingdom dress! The rip in it, she replaced with a heart patch. I was announcing them and it was at the Phoenix Theater for the show before the last that they played.” –Tazy Phillips, Ska Parade founder.

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