Slow News Day: Get Gwen's Sunglasses And Red Lips

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Cafe Mom — Gwen Stefani has never given up on her signature red lips. She’s probably keeping the makers of all the crimson and scarlet lip colors in business — cause my she wears red so darn well.

In a recent UO Blog post on fall makeup trends, three makeup artists point to a return to red lipstick for autumn and give tips on creating lovely lips with this bold lip color.

Three makeup artists say red lipstick will be a top trend for fall.

Kristin Gallegos points to the Bold Red Lip:

“This was seen at the Proenza Schouler and Givenchy shows. The face was pale and matte. But then the focus was on the lip. It was a very defined, dark wine or blood red lip. It’s a strong look for the season that really makes a statement!

You can achieve the look by getting a wine or blood red lipstick and a matching or slightly darker lipliner. You want to make sure it’s really defined and perfect. And make sure your skin is evened out so the color really pops! A good trick is to put a little concealer on the lips before, so you start with a clean slate and it also helps to keep the lipstick on longer!”

Secret Sales — Have you seen the pics of Gwen Stefani looking super stylish in her sunglasses?

Here at, we couldn’t believe it when we found out she’s 40 – she’s certainly looking fantastic!

On a trip out with her sons earlier this week, the singer just oozed glamour, which I reckon is partly down to her choice of shades.

If you’re keen to steal some of her style, take a look at our designer sunglasses sale to mimic the singer.

The Fendi rectangular-shaped sunglasses with logo detail in brown would be perfect for this, as they’re large enough to give that celebrity vibe without attracting any unwanted attention.

Of course, if you really want to make a statement you could go for a similar pair in white, as these are sure to be eye catching.

We’ve got so many high-end brands there’s bound to be something to suit your taste.

If you step out wearing the likes of Tom Ford, Gucci or Roberto Cavalli sunlasses and your fave designer clothes purchases, I reckon you could give the celebs a run for their money in the style stakes.

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