Source Claiming “New Solo Album” Is “In The Works” For Gwen

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Another day, more buzz! According to Hits Daily Double, they are claiming that Gwen is indeed working on a new “long-awaited solo album” and is “in the works.” No sources are cited but it seems like many gossip sites are running with this story.

Gwen Stefani will step in as a judge on NBC’s The Voice when Christina Aguilera takes time off to have her baby, TMZ has reported. Taping begins on season 7 in June. Speaking of new arrivals, Stefani’s long-awaited new solo album is also in the works.

Hits Daily Double is known for being pretty accurate but we’re not taking this very seriously until an official word. Rumors have been swirling around of another solo comeback for Gwen after hitting the stage with Pharrell Williams at the Coachella Music Festival last Saturday (check out our conversation regarding Billboard‘s article). And added with all the mysterious (and very cool!) photos Gwen’s been sharing lately, has some people speculating.

Adrian did however reveal recently that No Doubt were thinking about performing together by the end of the year and possibly debuting new material. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for some sort of announcement soon!

14 Replies to “Source Claiming “New Solo Album” Is “In The Works” For Gwen”

  1. Gwen have new projects in this year, if she has the voice, she’ll be crazy
    New baby, harajuku lovers cartoon, new fragrances, no doubt project, solo project and The voice

  2. Sorry but that site seems dodgy to me. A fortune teller image next to it? lol I’ll wait for official confirmation.

  3. I still think it’s a collaboration wit other artists, fragrance n fashion in the fall and then start new no doubt record by spring 2015 for a fall 2015

  4. The feature would make sense, especially when Adrian said that possibly there will be a new song later this year and then some local shows. I’m still not buying this whole solo rumour yet.

  5. I just wouldn’t imagine Gwen to do the whole solo thing again as in her own album… I can definitely imagine collaborations due to a lot of artists wanting to work with her.. eg. Rita Ora who is a big success in the U.K would love to work with Gwen, so Gwen appears on the voice, features on some chart successes with Pharrell and people alike, then No Doubt create a whole new era with new material and it finds whole new success off the back of Gwen being on the voice and having high-profile collabs.. This is in the ideal world though and not necessarily reality but we’ll see…

    1. Brian, where did you hear that? It looks the names of the performers haven’t been announced yet. That would be amazing, too, because the shows are streamed live!

  6. I adore Gwen and would eat that solo business up but WHAT ABOUT PUSH AND SHOVE? It breaks my heart everytime I think about it. I just wish they would wrap that up before she goes solo. I hope it’s an ND tour and not just like one preformance.

  7. Uhm… it’s been more than a year since the P&S era ended. There’s nothing to wrap up anymore.

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