Sia Talks Writing For No Doubt and Gwen

In an new short radio interview with New York’s Ralphie Aversa, singer/songwriter Sia Furler spoke about writing for No Doubt and Gwen (presumably with Maroon 5).

Around 5:25 in the interview, the interviewer asked Sia whom she had been writing for while in the studio writing and recording her own album. Sia mentions Maroon 5 and both Gwen and No Doubt. It’s been confirmed that Maroon 5’s upcoming collaboration track “My Heart Is Open” was co-written with Sia, which will appear on their upcoming album due in September.

No Doubt were photographed with Sia back in April of 2013 while recording music of their own (with Pharrell Williams and Miley Cyrus, too). Gwen has also expressed her love for Sia many times on Twitter.

We hope to hear more about the No Doubt material in the near future!

9 Replies to “Sia Talks Writing For No Doubt and Gwen”

  1. This is great news, even though I don’t care much about Sia tbh. But at least they keep talking about No Doubt new material. I hope they release something new soon.

  2. I think this is Brill as Sia is a great writer, she writes some very emotive lyrics, she’s a massive talent herself so I’m sure working with Sia can only be a positive.

  3. Radio stations are the worst. All that music playing in the background while she’s talking. Ugh.

  4. yea, i think all the tracks that were originally written for ND are now up for grabs as Gwen solo.
    Hence, her saying she has written for both. Im sure decisions are being made as we speak.
    Thats why all this info we have been getting lately is unclear.

  5. Doom, information gets uncleared cause we are all over thinking this whole issue. No one knows for sure (aside from the band and their management) what will happen. At this point, we have to sit, watch and wait for what will happen in the coming months.

    1. werd. but it think even the band, their management and the producers are unclear what is happening. everything seems to be up in the air. thats all yo.

  6. I was wondering the same thing… Maybe some of those new ND tracks from last year, some of which were produced by Pharrel, are being reworked into solo material for Gwen. It seems kind of weird ND are just sitting on “epic” tracks (as Tom put it) and doing nothing with them. Maybe they figure they all have kids now and its more difficult to get their schedules to work together for recording, promotion and touring so it would be easier for just Gwen on her own while the others keep busy with other projects at their own pace. That’s my best guy as to what’s going on. Who knows. Plus Gwen seems hungry for some fame again to be honest.

  7. Maybe there will be new solo material AND new ND material? Obviously not at the same time, but what about Gwen releasing new material while she is on The Voice and ND releasing their new material next year?

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