Shoppers Drug Mart smells a win with Stefani

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Shoppers Drug Mart has scored another coup in the beauty sector as it continues to battle department stores over market share, inking an exclusive distribution deal for the hot-selling Harajuku Lovers fragrance collection by Gwen Stefani.

Ms. Husted said the primary demographic of Harajuku Lovers is in theory girls aged 13 to 18 with a secondary target of 18 to 25. “When we were doing some of our focus groups [in the age range of] 18 to 25 they all shopped at Shoppers and are part of the Optimum [loyalty card] program,” Ms. Husted noted. “It’s not that they are never shopping at The Bay or Sears, it’s that Shoppers is another option for them. But we’ve got women in their 40s and 50s who are being drawn [to Harajuku Lovers] whether it is for the collectable element or to buy it for their daughters.”

The launch of Harajuku Lovers is being promoted at high schools, universities and entertainment district clubs in Toronto and Montreal in early October in a roving van which blares Ms. Stefani’s high-energy pop music and has actors dressed as the Harajuku Girls, four backup dancers who accompanied the singer on her 2004 Love. Angel. Music. Baby. tour.


LOL, on a side note we just wanted to mention how excited we were when we found out Harajuku Lovers on YouTube subscribed to our video channel, you should to!

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