“Shine” Lyric Video Included On ‘Paddington’ Blu-Ray Release

Though the song has still yet to be released, the lyric video for “Shine” is said to be included as part of the extras on the Paddington Blu-ray release out on April 28.

Not only will the lyric video be included, but fans will also be able to own Gwen and Pharrell William’s exclusive special feature, ‘The Making Of Shine’.

We’re crossing our fingers that once the film becomes available that the track will be released for fans wanting to purchase.

24 Replies to ““Shine” Lyric Video Included On ‘Paddington’ Blu-Ray Release”

  1. Yeah I think they’re holding back its release for the DVD/Blu-ray promo. It might become available next month. I hope there’s an actual video unless they don’t plan to make it a single.

  2. At this point it’s kinda obvious that this song will not be a single. It has lost major momentum.
    Sad… could have been a mild hit.

  3. I don’t think the song will be released for download. I hope they include the full version though not the edited one.

  4. I’m not sure why people were expecting it to be a single? And a successful one at that? It’s nice, but it’s about a bear. LOL It’s odd that they will have a lyric video on the blu-ray, but it’s not on the soundtrack to purchase. Thank you Adam for posting a better version of it 🙂

  5. @NDlover I mean don’t expect it to be a single. The movie has already been released so the chances of it getting sent to itunes are very low. Even if it was it would have minimum impact lets be real guys…

  6. Lisa, who cares about its impact? I just want to buy it legally and support my favourite artists. Plus it’s a great song, so they should give it a try.

  7. What difference does it make? The song isn’t available for purchase and there has been no indication that it will be. Are we expected to pop in a Blu Ray every time we want to listen to it? Lol Absurd.

  8. I’m just kidding, Amanda. Nothing personal. I’m not expecting for it to become a single but I hope they eventually release it. With the DVD/Blu-ray release it might be a reality. Most movies these days do that to help the promotion.

  9. I don’t think this song will ever be released. Paddington was a massive success and they obviously don’t need this song to “promote” the DVD lol. I also don’t see “most movies” doing this kind of thing. Usually theme songs are released before the movie comes out and not along with the DVD.

  10. Lol NDlover. I don’t care much about the impact and agree it would be awesome if it were released I am just saying.

    1. Maybe, but I can’t think of any movie theme song that was only released along with the DVD. “Love me like you do” by Ellie was released before Shades of Grey hit the cinemas and so were “Young and beautiful” (Lana/Great Gatsby), “Yellow flicker beat” (Lorde/Hunger Games), “Ooh la la” (Britney/Smurfs), “I see fire” (Ed Sheeran/The Hobbit) and all Twillight theme songs.

      Maybe you have some examples of movie theme songs that were released with the DVD, because I really can’t think of any. I’m sorry, but as far as I’m concerned this seems to be very uncommon.

  11. YYY is right (we have been agreeing a lot lately lol) its not very common for movie songs to be released as singles after the movie is finished playing in theatres.

  12. Maybe you’re right and it won’t be released at all (which is a shame). I know of some specific films such as “her”, for example, that didn’t even release the full soundtrack but just the single months after the film was in theatres and only because it got nominated for an Oscar.
    Probably they can’t be bothered releasing this cause they didn’t even include it on the UK version.

  13. Wasn’t there one interview where Gwen talked about the lyrics and then she said something like “the lyrics make sense, because the song doesn’t have to be outside of the movie”? I think she said something like this. Maybe what she meant was that “Shine” won’t be released for purchase?

  14. Well, I hope it gets released as bonus track at least. A bit like Stand And Deliver was included on P&S Deluxe edition.

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