“Shine” Among Oscar’s Best Original Song Contenders


In new reports from both Billboard and The Hollywood Reporter, Gwen and Pharrell William’s new collaborative track “Shine”, included in the upcoming family comedy Paddington, based on the popular children’s stories, is one of the 79 contenders for an Oscar for Best Original Song at the 87th Academy Awards.

“Shine” is said to be premiering soon and only appears in the US domestic release of the film, excluding the British version. Paddington hits theaters next month in the US on January 16. The track is said to be included on the soundtrack and will be featured in the film’s closing credits.

When the song was first revealed, Gwen mentioned that “Shine” was a new track that No Doubt were recording with Pharrell Williams. Now, several sources are reporting that the song is a collaborative song with Gwen only and there has been no mention of the band. Both Gwen and Pharrell were in attendance at the recent Paddington press confernce held in Beverly Hills earlier this month.

We hope more clarification is on the way for us and we would think soundtrack details should be released soon, as well as the track itself. Great news on the song being a contender for an Oscar and we hope it advances with a nomination!

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16 Replies to ““Shine” Among Oscar’s Best Original Song Contenders”

  1. I think we need to make something clear: “Shine” is not a “contender” for an Oscar, it is eligible to be nominated. That means it observes the rules, which are required to even be considered for a nomination. Now in this particular category it’s basically all coming down to this: An eligible song has to be recorded to be used in a in movie prior to any other usage (like another album than the soundtrack).So, in theory “Love to love you baby”, “New” and “I thros my toys aroud” were also eligible to be nominated in this category. Basically every song that is recorded for a soundtrack is eligible 😉

    1. This is incorrect.

      There are very specific criteria which a song must meet in order to be eligible for an Oscar. Only 79 songs from films this year have achieved this, and Shine is one of them. Films may only submit a select few songs from their soundtracks, the song must be heard to some substantial degree in the film or as the first piece of music in the end credits, and it must be an original recording. So, Love to Love You Baby would not have qualified.

      Basically, Shine has made it past the first stage in the process to securing an Oscar nomination. With Bob and Harvey Weinstein backing it, and Pharrell’s current popularity with the Academy (remember, he was nominated last year for Happy), I think the song has a decent shot at getting a nomination.

  2. Love To Love You Baby is a cover so I’m not sure it would be eligible to be nominated for an Oscar since it’s not an original song.

  3. G + P should already start promoting/teasing this song instead of trying to make STF happen. It’s not gonna happen, time to move on.

  4. Lol talking about over reacting… the song was released 2 weeks ago. I think that Spark The Fire still has a lot of potential. At least they’re promoting. Gwen has performed it like 5 times already.

  5. The song has two high profile commercials on national television that are being aired several times every day and it still sits somewhere around #250 on iTunes. I don’t see how it has any potential left tbh (if it ever had any). STF isn’t really a grower. You either hate it, or love it. I think people already picked their side.

  6. It doesn’t matter what side people have picked. You just don’t stop promoting a song after 2 weeks only because it failed to stay in the top 200 on iTunes. If she really want that hit she has to fight for it. Plus she’s not promoting this song to please her entire fanbase, but for fun and because she believes in it. At the end of the day you just can’t please everybody. If it won’t succeed at least she can say she tried.

  7. I’m really bummed that it looks to be a solo song, instead of a ND song. I wonder what happened? An Oscar nomination would be cool though.

  8. Yeah it seems that we won’t hear the recorded version by No Doubt, if it’s the same song we’re talking about. I kinda wished Gwen hadn’t mentioned it lol

  9. Ya, as much as I love pharrell he doesn’t have his magic touch right now—-with Gwen. I hear STF literally everyday on Tv, that’s big, but the song just isn’t good…makes me sad

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