Selena Gomez Announced as Mentor for Team Gwen on ‘The Voice’ (Updated)

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People magazine has confirmed that Selena Gomez will appear as Gwen’s adviser for season 9 of The Voice.


Us Weekly has announced that pop star Selena Gomez will be joining Gwen as a mentor for upcoming season 9 of The Voice. Sources close to the show (that have yet to be confirmed) are saying that Selena has been a favorite among The Voice crew and has “exceeded everyone’s expectations”.

Selena is said to be joining alongside Gwen during the Battle Rounds (as Gavin did with her in season 7) which air after the initial Blind Auditions. If true, she will sit with Gwen while giving advice and helping her team work through their material to try and advance to the next rounds.

Other said mentors announced include John Fogerty with Adam Levine, Brad Paisley with Blake Shelton and Missy Elliott with Pharrell Williams.

Gwen returns to The Voice for season 9 which debuts on Monday, September 21, on NBC.

Photos courtesy of Getty and NBC/The Voice.

10 Replies to “Selena Gomez Announced as Mentor for Team Gwen on ‘The Voice’ (Updated)”

  1. It’s *Selena, btw! 😉
    It’s obvious they just want to attract the younger viewers. Gwen deserved / should have picked someone more relevant, imo. But hey…

  2. I couldn’t care less about who sits next to Gwen to advise the contestants tbh, but I’m actually really excitied to have Missy on the show! She’s so overdue for her own comeback… Maybe she could ask Gwen to sing a killer hook on a track with her? 😉 With the right producer they could easily create the next “Fancy”.

  3. Lol YYY your comment is a little out there. But it’s nice to dream! Yeah personally I don’t care who it is but clearly gwen didn’t pick her.

  4. I dont think yyy’s comment is out there. Gwen wanted to work with Missy for her first solo album, even Missy wanted to do it. Remember the two of them performed a Prince cover with Alicia Keys at a Uk award show. Missy is so fucking cool, and she produces some of the best beats. I WISH missy was on team Gwen!!! Selena is so bland….luke warm water.

  5. I don’t even care what Gwen and Missy want, I demand them to do a song together asap! :p Seriouly, somebody just put them in a studio together and don’t let them out until they are done recording lol.

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