Second Stage Of Gwen’s Charity Auction Starts Today

No Doubt Tweeted a reminder about the auction today.

Final stage of the auction is live now! Join Gwen in L.A. for tea and help raise money for the relief effort in Japan
less than 20 seconds ago via web

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that the second stage of Gwen’s charity auction on eBay has started today! More outfits straight out of Gwen’s closet (we cannot get over how COOL that really is!) have been added to the auction starting at $200. More limited edition Harajuku Lovers signed tees start at $50 and tea party invites for two plus a seat next to a Harajuku Girl start at $750 or just invites for $500. Good luck to anyone who bids on any of the items and the past auction had totals over $41,000! That is amazing! Again, a huge thank you to Gwen for such an opportunity!

Click here to check out the auction and bid!

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