Second Line of Harajuku Lovers x Q&Q Watches Launching in June


Great news, Harajuku Lovers fans! Another set of limited edition watches with Q&Q Smile Solar are on the way! The second collection if expected to hit select Nordstrom stores and starting next month. 15 new super kawaii timepieces this time are “emoji inspired” and feature quotes and characters from Gwen’s colorful “Spark the Fire”. The line is expected to retail for $50 each like last time and are made from both new and used recycled materials and are finished with a waterproof casing. Like all Q&Q products, the watches are solar powered and can last up to three months on a single charge.

In a statement shared with us, “Gwen Stefani has joined creative forces with Q&Q SmileSolar to introduce a limited edition collection of solar-powered Emoji inspired watches. Each style features unique and vibrantly designed Harajuku Lovers Emoji’s, along with a mashup of Kawaii inspired designs, bold colors and striking prints.”
















We’ll keep everyone updated on the latest and will share again once the collection becomes available for everyone to pick up. The previous line launched a week or so before the expected time so make sure to check back for updates!

Photos courtesy of Harajuku Lovers for Q&Q SmileSolar.

2 Replies to “Second Line of Harajuku Lovers x Q&Q Watches Launching in June”

  1. Wow those are really cute. I wonder if some of those names are actual song titles or lyrics, like “Out of the Blue”.

  2. Old post, but do you know why not all of these are on the Nordstrom website, the Get Off My Cloud one isn’t on there for example, as well as a few of the others… ? 🙁

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