Second Inglewood Date Added to ‘Truth’ Tour Oct. 16

Photo courtesy of Christopher Polk/Getty
Photo courtesy of Christopher Polk/Getty

Due to high demand, a second night has been added in Inglewood, California at The Forum on October 16 to close out Gwen’s This Is What the Truth Feels Like tour. Tickets for the general public go on sale this upcoming Friday, May 20, with exclusive VIP sales starting on Tuesday, May 17.

Visit Ticketmaster for more information and to purchase tickets for Gwen’s upcoming tour kicking off in Massachusetts on July 12.

27 Replies to “Second Inglewood Date Added to ‘Truth’ Tour Oct. 16”

  1. Really Yeahyeahyeah? Than it makes perfect sense for Gwen to add a second Inglewood date 🙂
    Here’s a piece of advice, don’t believe in everything you read 😉

    1. Honestly I am not sure what to think of this… If you go the Ticketmaster and check the dates mentioned in that article, you will indeed see that most if the seats remain empty 🙁

      Why would NY Post make this up?

      1. Ran fans have been chirping this from the time tix went on sale. Maybe the writer is a Ran fan or friends with her publicist. I think it is poor journalism, did they compare to any other artist concert sales? Not counting Taylor or Bey, or some guy teen heart throbs. How are concert tix selling in general, for non country artists?
        Hey album is highly successful, she is in demand for appearances, last I heard her and Blake’s pix are going for the price of a car an command the the biggest price of any celebs, and she has a top three duet. I randomly checked four venues the other day and they were sold out except for a few 300 dollar ones. We are talking, 17, 000 to 23,000 thousand seat venues.
        Now I see that there are about 5 online articles up on this. Great. Sounds like a take down to me and I will be emailing the New York Post etc. to say so.

  2. What’s a ran fan?

    Unfortunately once an artist gets bad press for poor ticket sales, it sticks. Even if the tour becomes successful. 🙁

    1. That what Miranda Lambert’s ( Blake’s ex) fans call themselves. They are very vocal and very critical of Gwen.

      1. Oh geez LOL All four of them have moved on with new lives or relationships and so should the “fans”. I’m so glad ND/Gwen fans don’t need silly nicknames 😉

        I think there’s truth to the poor ticket sales, but there’s still two months to build interest or drop prices.

  3. If she added a 2nd night in the area I’m suprised it’s at the forum and not Anaheim or at LA Live. Inglewood is ghetto af!!! Although I’ll be screaming my head off wherever she plays 🙂

  4. The Post is a sensationalist publication. Their articles are based on rumors. If sales really are struggling, we might see some shows cancelled, which happens with a lot of big artists. Adding a second show to LA is a good sign tho.

      1. Specially in French Canada… LOL
        Jill that comment might be a bit offensive for Canadian fans dont u think?

        1. Didn’t think I was saying any thing negative assuming the country connection— country is cool.
          I mean I live in Nashville. I do think that cities have a certain demo for a genre and that determines who tours where. I have seen that somewhere.
          I also am pretty sure a lot of country acts head to Canada to do a lot of shows. And fan fair here in N’ville attracts a lot of fans from Canada.
          Apologies and hugs Cynthia, Lisa and Amanda and all.

      2. Lol canada has about the same taste as us. Nearly all of the songs in top 100 canada are in top 100 us.

  5. How is this article based on rumours? All of us can check Ticketmaster to see that tickets aren’t selling well…

    They booked way too big venues and the tickets are very expensive imho. Eve is a has-been nobody cares about and Gwen isn’t that big anymore either. I don’t know what they were thinking when they planned this tour?

    1. I mean talk about sensationalistic journalism saying ticket sales are ” horrifying”…..hyperbole much!?
      9/11 was horrifying. I have no desire to read an article with that title and hope no one else does either.
      Don’t know who Gwen’s publicist is but they should be contacting that paper.

  6. I do agree that she could have picked a better opening act. Not counting her feature on RG, Eve hasn’t had a mainstream hit since LMBYM in 2001.

  7. The NYPost makes a lot of sht up but this I believe. These venues are too big to sell out.
    I think they dreamt big.

    LA is probably the only city she could sell out, hence the 2nd date

    They will all be great shows for true fans regardless though:)

  8. All I know is even on the Master Card presale day, Indy show, there was such a heavy demand the site crashed. It took me 5-6 hours to get tix, bad seats was all I got. The next day when it opened to the public I thought I would check to see if any better seats turned up and I could not get on all day and when I finally did there were only some grass seats and not many of those left.
    I have never had trouble getting tix to any concert with a Master card or American express pre sale before.
    The big city shows other than in Canada, have high demand, they have a large population to draw from beyond the city limits….such as Atlanta, Cinci, Palm Beach/ Miami.

    1. Agreed^. As with most tours- big cities sell well smaller cities don’t. That’s why this article seems to be exaggerating- it paints a picture that the entire tour is flopping when the reality is its just a few cities.

      Catch me in the pit at the forum! 😛

  9. I wish she was doing a smaller club tour. That would be awesome. But, I feel like she is a big arena kind of girl. It’s all selfish of me…I would just love for her to come to where I live in Boise, ID and play a smaller venue. I would cry….!

  10. Hi everyone,

    Thinking about getting tickets for 16th. I am from London but have been wanting to see Gwen for years now. Realistically what do you think the chances are of a London show? Would feel a little silly if a London date was released after I had travelled to America.

    Thanks 🙂

    1. I don’t think anyone can answer that for you, but I would assume she doesn’t have plans to go overseas at this point. 🙁

  11. The article clearly states she has no prob selling tickets in her hometown, given the 2nd date… But as @robin mentioned for those of u who don’t live in CA, I’m kind of shocked she’s BARELY adding a second date & in inglewood!! That venue is way smaller and much more ghetto then what where used to here. ND/Gwen usually sell out a minimum of 3 night at an ARENA here. So there definitely is truth to that article. For sure. But do we expect it to be like it was for her in 2004?? Our girl still has a #1 album after 20+++ years in the music industry. Is Alanis morresite or any other 90’s act sharing the stage with today’s biggest pop stars at Wango Tango?

  12. ***the biggest reason I think there’s truth to this articleis when it comes to her playing CA because since she’s been ‘Gwen Stefani the star’ homegirl has stuck to The Pond, Hollywood Bowl, Universal Amp, Irvine Med, Hundai Pav, Long Beach Arena… Inglewood is usually her dress rehearsal stage here

  13. Rihanna just played the Forum 2 weeks ago, even when we all know she could easily sell out the staples center. It’s a historic venue. Maybe Gwen wanted to mix it up? Shes performed there before, maybe she likes it.

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