Season 7 Voice Contestant Wants Gwen On His New Album


Luke Wade, Season 7 contestant from The Voice, stated that he’s started work on his new album and wants Gwen to appear alongside him on a track with Pharrell Williams.

In a new interview with, Luke says that he thinks he’s “going to have to Gwen to collab on this one” on a upcoming song or one that’s already done with Pharrell.

Luke was one of the standouts on Gwen’s season of The Voice (even though he was on Team Pharrell) so we’re looking forward to hearing from him.

Photo courtesy of NBC.

14 Replies to “Season 7 Voice Contestant Wants Gwen On His New Album”

  1. Considering I am losing hope in hearing her solo tracks I will take pretty much take any collab with gwen over nothing.

  2. I’m interested in hearing how this will all turn out. I actually love pharrell . He’s not a one trick pony. He wrote “I was gonna cancel” by Kylie minogue and its different and amazing

  3. Really???? Not really digging this news … I want Gwen solo cd to come out….guess that’s not.gonna EVER happen…. so since thar was a huge FAIL…. sure why not just collaborate with a d list voice contestant …. that should gain momentum …of your supposed “comeback” lol its all such a joke lately on the Gwen/no doubt front…

  4. It’s been slightly annoying that Calvin Harris and Maroon 5 have had loads of hits over the past few years and Gwen collaborates with both, yet shes not on one of the hits or singles. Pharrel has had loads of hit he hasn’t done it with Gwen, I don’t really understand what the problem is?

  5. The problem (or not) is that not every song needs to be a hit. To be honest I hardly listen any hits you see on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. But it’s a bit sad that most people only buy music based on that.

  6. I am pretty sure the Maroon 5 collab will be the next single coming out in a few weeks. I could see them performing it together on the voice this season.

  7. Lisa, surely not this season. Not only Maroon 5 performed already but the season is ending in a few weeks.

  8. NDLover, if Gwen wasn’t so focused on getting big hits I think we would’ve had much more (interesting) music from her these past years 🙁 I wish she would just follow her heart and passion more. It shows through in the quality of the music. That’s why TK and pre-TK music was so amazing, because nobody ever thought they’d be hit songs anyway so there was no commercial pressure. It was about the music and expression.

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