Scans and Excerpts From Gwen’s FASHION Feature



Thanks to Geo for scanning and sharing his photos from Gwen’s cover of FASHION magazine for their March issue, which is currently on newsstands in Canada.

In the article, Gwen discusses her new album (including a “little bit a reggae track” titled “Lifting You”), learning how to write songs, having no fashion regrets and her relationship with sexuality. During the photo shoot with Williams + Hirakawa, Gwen says that little son Apollo has grown accustom to joining her on shoots (which she still loves doing). “Putting on clothes and taking photos is so rad. I remember when I could do this all day. But now I need to spend time with my boys. They have me on a tight schedule.”

On her new album, Gwen says again that it was unplanned and came from a bunch of unexpected surprises, as well as her third son, Apollo. “Out of nowhere, God gave me a baby. It was a happy shock. I went from being in the studio non-stop to getting really sick during pregnancy and being told to lay low.” During her pregnancy, Gwen says that she was really sick through most of it but kept herself busy by working on the upcoming Harajuku Lovers cartoon.

Gwen credits her team of assistants, managers, nannies and tutors for helping her maintain her crazy schedule but admits that she feels guilty that she’s not able to be there for her family 100%. Her family supports Gwen in all that she does and wants her to be a success on the music charts. “They know that it’s important that I work and do well. When I paired up with Pharrell, they said, ‘Mom, you gotta make a good song.'”

Gwen and her team created a “mood board” while visualizing the album which included “a lot of houndstooth and polka dots” which went in the direction of “classic mixed with modern.” “I wanted to start with the visuals. I had never done that before. Whenever I design a collection, I start that way, so I thought, ‘Why not do that for an album?” Gwen used a lot of pink, yellow, black and white swatches (think of the “Baby Don’t Lie” video). While coming up with the album, Gwen admits she’s been really demanding during the process and is focusing on “evolution” of sound. “I feel like I’ve gone down so many roads and done everything many times over. I’ve toured the world—a lot. I’ve made songs with a lot of people. I’ve done a lot of hairdos, outfits and styles. You can’t help but wonder, ‘How do I make something new?'”

The article says that Gwen has been “contemplating whether being an age-appropriate pop artist makes sense”. She chose to be on The Voice due to her curiosity how much the music industry has changed since releasing her first solo album in 2004. “Now everyone has a stage with a YouTube page… There was a new platform coming. It seems unheard of coming from the ’90s when everything was so pure and homegrown, but now it’s a different world.”

Photos courtesy of FASHION and Geo for BSO. Click here to see more photos.

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