6 thoughts on ““Santa Baby” Available Now

  1. Its good, to be honest I was hoping she would have put a little more personality into it, maybe some “oohs” or something but I’ll take it. Judging by the two tracks we’ve heard I’m expecting a more traditional sounding Christmas album (which makes me happy) rather than a poppy trying to hard to sound like 2017 album.

  2. The songs sound great! Gwen does the vintage 60’s sound good. And, it really fits with her aesthetic. It’s too early for Christmas music for me, but I will be listening to this come December.

  3. She should do a jazz album. I’ve been wanting to hear more songs like that since Almost Blue and You’re the Boss. Her voice is so unique.

  4. Definitely expected this to be more quirky.
    At first I was a little disappointed but it’s been stuck in my head all day. So I guess it’s a winner!

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